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February 13, 2018

Alarms R Us System Pricing and Features

Alarms for business are typically called "Intrusion Alarms" - you can learn about Alarms in Kisi's Academy here. From door alarms to flood alarms, there are any number of sensors and alarms that you might want to install in your space, be it for a home alarm system or an office alarm system.

Features of Alarms R Us

Remote access control alarm packages offered by Alarm R Us are based on wireless mobile integration, which lets homeowners and customers for alarm systems for businesses regulate the access control from a smartphone. Home clients can use combined alarm features to unlock doors, turn on lights and set the temperature from afar. The access control solutions for companies include commercial door alarm systems, as well as protection at unconventional intrusion points, such as wall and ceilings.

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The Alarm R Us alarm features enable protection based on security alerts, sound and motion detectors, video intercom system, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, flood detectors and temperature sensors. Depending on the customer needs and the architecture of the premises, the alarm feature system can be combined with wireless or wired access control, enabling communication and regulation from a central station connected to a mobile phone or a tablet computer. You can use the security alerts that come to the mobile to turn the system on and off, regulate temperature, get real-time videos from the CCTV and monitor the doors of a commercial property or a residential home from anywhere.

‍Access control alarms
‍Access control alarms for smart homes can be controlled from a mobile

Sound and motion detectors can be placed at critical locations inside and outside of a building to detect motion. Fire (smoke and heat) detectors not only alert the owner, but they also alert the fire department and activate a sprinkler system. The CO (carbon monoxide) detector alerts about dangerous levels of the invisible gas. Temperature sensors detect furnace an AC malfunctioning and can even be used in cooling spaces, such as freezers and wine cellars.  Pump failure or boiler room leakages are connected to the access control system via flood detectors.

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