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December 20, 2019

GetSafe Alarm System Pricing and Features

Alarms for business are typically called "Intrusion Alarms" - you can learn about Alarms in Kisi's Academy here. From door alarms to flood alarms, there are any number of sensors and alarms that you might want to install in your space, be it for a home alarm system or an office alarm system.

Alarm Features of GetSafe

mobile app
‍GetSafe has an easy-to-install starter kit connected to a mobile app

The basic box model of the GetSafe access control alarm starter kit includes four key pieces - Smart Hub, Entry Sensor, Motion Detector and Alarm Siren. The four pieces are connected and preprogrammed to a smartphone application which arms and disarms the alarm systems for businesses and residential properties. There is an option for adding extra alarm features from the GetSafe app menu, but they must be purchased as an upgrade. Additional alarm features include flood sensors, smoke sensors, and glass breaks.

The Smart Hub device comes with built-in batteries and a smart card used as backup power and Internet sources. This makes the GetSafe kit suitable as a commercial door alarm system for companies who need continuous business operations to move ahead without interruptions.

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The Smart Hub is connected to the home router via ethernet. Once you have installed the mobile app and activated the hub, you can install the entry sensors at vulnerable points (front and back doors, windows or even lockers) by using the adhesive tape and a few simple screws. Entry sensors use LED lights and heat detection. The motion detector is based on a Passive Infrared (PIR) technology and adopted to stay inactive for pets up to 40 pounds. The 85-decibel alarm siren can be used as a door chime or to send loud signals and keep burglars away.

Once a vulnerable point has been activated, the user gets smartphone notifications. For the entry sensor notification, the company initiates a call to the user. If the user doesn’t respond, they call the police. The whole access control alarm system is wireless and integrated with several smart home technologies to enable smart door controllers or heat and light regulation.

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