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December 20, 2019
Vector Security

Vector Alarm System Pricing and Features

Alarms for business are typically called "Intrusion Alarms" - you can learn about Alarms in Kisi's Academy here. From door alarms to flood alarms, there are any number of sensors and alarms that you might want to install in your space, be it for a home alarm system or an office alarm system.

Various Alarm Features of Vector Security

vector security
Vector Security's Product Mix

The Vector Security uses a dedicated local team of professional support representatives to provide high-quality access control alarm systems for business and homes. Its home alarm security solution is very popular in the North American and Caribbean countries due to great features and service capabilities as given below:

Unified Home Security Solution

Vector security offers a unified home security solution that includes security alarm system, surveillance system, intelligent locking system, food sensor system and others. You can also take advantage of its personal emergency response system for quick help in critical situations.

Cutting Edge Technologies

Vector security uses the cutting edge technologies to effectively provide the highest quality of home security alarm systems. It uses a cloud based system along with the powerful mobile application to manage as well as get instant support from the central station.

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Custom Pricing , Tailored to your Business

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Zero Upfront Cost

Vector security uses the best quality security alarm systems for business and home, but offers zero upfront contract for three years with flexible monthly and annual charge plans. This helps startups and homeowners to save money in upfront investment.

24x7 Customer Support

The commercial door alarm systems offered by Vector Security come with a professional grade round the clock customer support through a local support team located in the North America. No outsourcing for customer monitoring service is used. The customer reviews and ratings are moderately good, which qualifies the company for A+ BBB ratings.

Regulatory Recognition

The centralized monitoring station is 5 diamonds certified. It is also UL listed for safety and hazardous standards. It uses equipment, which is in compliance with the national security regulations.

Relocation Service

The Company offers support for the relocation of commercial door alarm systems and any other security solution to a new location, if you want to move. The charges are very reasonable with a little process for relocation request.


The vector home security alarm system can be compared with big companies like ADT and others because it uses reputable and costly equipment powered by latest technologies. Its monitoring service is rated very high (9/10).

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