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February 13, 2018

Vivint Alarm System Pricing and Features

Alarms for business are typically called "Intrusion Alarms" - you can learn about Alarms in Kisi's Academy here. From door alarms to flood alarms, there are any number of sensors and alarms that you might want to install in your space, be it for a home alarm system or an office alarm system.

A snapshot of Vivint's products

Various Alarm Features of Vivint

Vivint’s commercial door alarm systems are the flagship products of the company, which are powered by rich features and capabilities. A few important features are given below:

Robust Equipment

It uses the best quality equipment, such as sensors, controllers, cameras and motion detector devices. Numerous kinds of customized sensors and cameras are used to cover every corner of the building or area of a home. The examples of main devices include doorbell camera, ping camera, window/door sensor, glass break sensor, freeze sensor, smart thermostats and others.

Powerful Management System

It uses numerous types of control systems that fit 100% to the needs of different alarm systems for business as well as for the households. You can easily arm and disarm many kinds of functions/features while leaving and returning the place respectively. You can also set different parameters of alarms through simple touch screen inputs.

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True and Fast Alarm

Vivint alarm system generates true alarms based on the input from the powerful sensors and motion detector elements without any longer delays. The automatic system alert – through email and text – is also sent to the monitoring team as well as to the owner of the place. You can also generate a manual alarm and alert to the monitoring team for instant support through one-touch button on the panel screen.

Multipurpose System

Vivint Inc security systems are equally used as alarm systems for businesses and for household applications. You can also customize the alarm systems to match the requirements of any building, garage or any business area.


The entire system is equipped with many other miscellaneous features, such as long life battery, energy efficient systems, easy to operate, wireless connectivity, cloud and mobile application support and two way voice system to communicate with the central station.

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