Best Managed IT Service Providers in Atlanta

By Kait Hobson
February 25, 2020
Best Managed IT Service Providers in Atlanta

Since Atlanta is ranked 8th in the list of Best Cities for IT jobs in the US, it is normal to expect many managed IT service providers and IT support companies. Making a choice can become very difficult and, for this reason, we decided to list the ones we consider the best in this chart.

We decided to do the same with New York, Austin, Boston, and Houston, in case you are interested.

Best Managed IT Service Providers and IT Support Companies in Atlanta

1. iVision

iVision helps your business succeed in the digital space using the innovative technology and engineering talent of the MSP’s managed services and global IT support teams. iVision’s customer-centric team of engineers is based in Atlanta. Among the managed IT services that iVision offers are cloud management, network management, and security management.


Estimated Annual Revenue: $66M

Employees: 101-250

Founded in: 2004

2. Network 1 Consulting

Network 1 Consulting prides itself on providing superior client satisfaction. The firm understands the nuances of its clients, which include businesses such as medical practices and law firms. Network 1 Consulting takes a proactive approach that ensures that your business addresses any potential IT problems long before they become serious. Through its proactive planning and managed IT solution, this MSP delivers unrivaled IT support in Atlanta.


Estimated Annual Revenue: > $1M

Employees: 11-50

Founded in: 1998

3. Lume Technologies Inc

Lume Technologies provides managed IT services that help your business derive maximum value from your IT infrastructure and cloud systems. The MSP offers several solutions including Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, AWS Direct Connect, Cloud CTRL™, DRaaS, Advanced Server Management, Managed Backup, and Network Solutions.


Estimated Annual Revenue: $5M

Employees: 11-50

Founded in: 2012

4. Rocket IT

This MSP operates on the philosophy that it’s your people, not your technology, that help your organization achieve its goals. According to Rocket IT, good IT support focuses not on the computer on the desk but the person in the chair. To do this, Rocket IT starts by helping you create an operation roadmap. The IT support firm then customizes its Ideal Security solution to ensure your organization deals with issues proactively. 


Estimated Annual Revenue: $6.8M

Employees: 11-50


5. ProviDyn

This Inc. 5000 ranked MSP helps your company thrive by applying your budget and strategy to long-established IT processes that align with best practices and meet the highest industry standards. As a result, your company’s IT systems operate at minimal risk, perform optimally, and run efficiently. ProviDyn offers advisory services & virtual CIO, 24/7/365 coverage & support, internet security & compliance, mobile device management/BYOD, business continuity & backup/disaster recovery and several other managed IT services.


Estimated Annual Revenue: $5.6M

Employees: 11-50

Founded in: 2008

6. Safe Systems

Safe Systems provides your organization, regardless of its size, with a cost-effective singular platform to manage your IT systems. This MSP helps you monitor your compliance and IT security KPIs. The solutions that Safe System offer prevent downtime, empower your employees, keep your team professionally up-to-date, minimize security risks, facilitate excellent reporting, and ensure your IT systems are compliant.


Estimated Annual Revenue: $13M

Employees: 101-250

Founded in: 1993

7. MIS Solutions

This MSP provides small businesses with customizable managed IT solutions and consulting services on a fixed-fee basis. These services secure your technology, reduce stress related to operating your IT systems, stabilize your networks, minimize your risks, and streamline your operations. As a result, you can focus on your business's core activities. MIS Solutions serves businesses that have in-house IT teams as well as those that need occasional assistance with ideas, strategies, and projects.


Estimated Annual Revenue: $5.9M

Employees: 51-100

Founded in: 1906

8. Bluewolf

Bluewolf operates on the bleeding edge of IT technology such as virtual/augmented reality, the Internet of Things, Blockchain, and augmented intelligence. This MSP helps businesses use Salesforce to design and operate future-proof IT systems. Bluewolf starts by identifying your goals for digital strategy and transformation and then helps you optimize all human interactions through a customized Salesforce design that focuses on customer and employee experience.


Estimated Annual Revenue: $120M

Employees: 1001-5000

Founded in: 2000

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