Best Managed IT Service Providers in Boston

By Maximilian Schuetz

January 30, 2020

Managed IT Service Providers in Boston

Since Boston is ranked 10th in the list of Best Cities for IT Professionals in the US, it is normal to expect many managed IT service providers and IT support companies. Making a choice can become very difficult and, for this reason, we decided to list the ones we consider the best in this chart.

In case you're interested, we decided to do the same with New York, Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, and Houston - so stay tuned for more articles about MSPs!

Best Managed IT Service Providers and IT Support Companies in Boston

iCorps Technologies

iCorps is a managed IT services provider that offers outsourced IT support, including staff augmentation and technical consulting. The MSP’s flagship program delivers across-the-board IT services while providing balanced, predictable spending. Likewise, its technical consulting team expands an organization's expertise to suit large, long-term projects.

Estimated Annual Revenue: $11.9M

Employees: 87

Founded in: 1994

mindSHIFT Technologies

mindSHIFT’s primary specialty is to create managed IT environments that provide companies with cutting-edge IT resources and proactive solutions. This managed IT service provider offers its services at reasonable rates to organizations at various levels, all the way from startups to large corporations. Worth noting is that mindSHIFT is accredited by the MSP Alliance and is a member of the Managed Services Accreditation Program.

Estimated Annual Revenue: $54.28M

Employees: 251–500

Founded in: 1999


In addition to providing managed IT services, Coretelligent offers private cloud solutions that facilitate the powering and growth of organizations. Founded in 2006, this managed IT services provider offers four primary services: 360 Support, CoreCloud, CoreBDR, and security. These services form part of the foundation for leading organizations in the technology, life sciences, retail, financial services, and communications industries.

Estimated Annual Revenue: $62.3M

Employees: 51–100

Founded in: 2006

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Digital Guardian

Digital Guardian provides a managed security program that serves as an off-site extension of the data protection that an organization’s in-house team offers. Security experts at Digital Guardian handle the hosting, administration, and operation of an organization’s data security platform. Working on a 24/7 basis, this MSP’s team of global analysts is dedicated to containing internal and external threats before an organization’s data gets in the wrong hands.

Estimated Annual Revenue: $75M

Employees: 501–1000

Founded in: 2003

Thrive Operations, LLC

Thrive Operations, LLC is a managed IT services provider with an impressive track record. The company is among the fastest-growing in the industry thanks to its unfaltering dedication to its employees and customers. Furthermore, the remarkable results Thrive Operations has achieved for organizations like RE/MAX of New England, Zildjian, and the Boston Celtics have fueled the accomplishments of this MSP.

Estimated Annual Revenue: $56M

Employees: 209

Founded in: 2000

Tech Networks of Boston

This managed IT services provider offers service desk and strategic technology assessment services. Among the services that Tech Networks of Boston are IT services management, IT strategic planning and assessment services, data integration, project management, web design, software development, deskside support, training, systems engineering, and 24/7 support services. The MSP’s support services include emergency onsite service, remote server monitoring, and end-user support.

Estimated Annual Revenue: $6.8M

Employees: 11–50

Founded in: 1995

Bryley Systems

Bryley Systems is both a managed cloud services provider and a managed IT services provider. It has clients not only in Boston but also across the US. Founded in 1897, Bryler Systems has been serving the needs of a diverse variety of organizations with its attentive, customer-focused approach that brings leading software and hardware together with flexible service options. The support agreements from Bryler Systems are customized and low-risk.

Estimated Annual Revenue: $3.2M

Employees: $3.8M

Founded in: 1987

Cloud Technology Partners

Cloud Technology Solutions provides organizations with support in the planning, designing and building of cloud solutions. By targeting IT infrastructures and applications, these solutions accelerate time-to-market, streamline operations, and minimize the costs of IT. Moreover, Cloud Technology Partners uses targeted methodologies and an across-the-board cloud-centric service portfolio to facilitate innovation in leading organizations.

Estimated Annual Revenue: $14.2M

Employees: 11–50

Founded in: 2010 provides organizations with infrastructure management. This IT support solution effectively applies its top-tier IT solutions to ensure its clients get compliance support (such as hippa and sox), proactive support all year round, support of your cloud and on-premise it, and customized IT solutions. The MSP offers three distinct tiers of IT support that caters to varying business needs.

Estimated Annual Revenue: $9M

Employees: 11–50

Founded in: 2006

Maximilian Schuetz

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