Best Managed IT Services in Houston

By Bernhard Mehl
February 14, 2020
best managed it services houston

A well-managed IT service provider is able to provide quality IT related services to clients. This can be done on either a contractual or subscription basis. Among other things, IT support companies will typically deploy hardware and software, consult, as well as manage updates, upgrades, and security-related services. Although some of them can swing by the office to perform these tasks, it is mainly done through the cloud.

Finding a managed IT service provider may not be that difficult, but knowing that the company you choose excels at what they do can be a bit more of a challenge. To make things easier for you, we have rounded up the best managed IT services in Houston that are known for their timeliness, dedication to clients and quality tech support.

Best Managed IT Services in Houston

Uprite Services

Uprite Services has over 35 years of experience in IT consulting and provides strategic and flexible technology that fully supports clients in meeting all of their business demands.

Their technology solutions, talent, and best practice approach help Uprite Services provide the best IT support services, which are available for a flat-rate fee. Their services include process automation, network security enhancement, backup and recovery, cloud hosting and more.

PennComp Outsourced IT

Since 1988, PennComp has been outshining other IT service companies by providing excellent IT services, support, and network integration. They are known for their powerful IT networking, cloud computing, and they incorporate the business best practices of Lean and Six Sigma.

Penn Comp Outsourced IT aims to increase productivity, lower IT-related costs for their clients, implement innovative ideas, and customize IT technology to cater to your business needs.

Velo IT Group

Velo IT Group is a managed IT services provider in Dallas with locations in Texas and Louisiana. However, they provide IT-related tech solutions to various companies throughout the US.

The company aims to help businesses by reducing their IT-related issues, thereby allowing business owners to put their energy into production instead of focusing on their technology.

In aiming to keep their clients completely satisfied, Velo IT Group is constantly adding to their list of services, which includes patch management, automated remediation, network monitoring, and much more. Velo IT Group is committed to providing the best IT strategy and security to all of its clients.


When it comes to finding the best managed IT services in Houston, you won’t have to look any further than RevelSec. This company specializes in cybersecurity solutions by taking a proactive approach when it comes to guarding against malware and retrieving compromised data.

Their services include mobile security, endpoint security, cloud security, Scada and industrial control systems, as well as email security. Furthermore, RevelSec is committed to growing your company by scaling your business needs and by creating value through solving IT related problems.

Iron Edge Group

Iron Edge Group is an IT solutions provider for locally based businesses in Texas. According to Iron Edge Group, they can help eliminate technology-related frustrations by preventing data loss, integrating tools, and providing business intelligence and automation.

Iron Edge Group specializes in providing IT solutions for companies in the construction, financial services, energy, and retail sector. Some of their professional services include network monitoring and proactive maintenance, IT infrastructure design services, and cloud-based business solutions thereby ensuring business continuity and quickening disaster recovery.

Stargel Office Solutions

Stargel is one of the leading providers when it comes to effective and efficient office solutions in Houston. By partnering up with both small and enterprise-level businesses, they manage to deliver exceptional office solutions that streamline successful business operations year-round. They aim for their client's offices to operate as smoothly as possible, thereby remaining productive and returning maximum yields.

Stargel Office Solutions specializes in managed IT services, digital signage, managed print services, and document software. They pride themselves in staying up to date with the latest IT trends and they currently have over 6,000 happy clients. With a team of 100 dedicated employees, Stargel Office Solutions is able to offer multi-functioned solutions to a wide range of IT-related problems.


Whether you need excellent IT support, consulting, or business automation, the Houston managed IT services offered by these companies will put your company on the map.

Bernhard Mehl

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