Best Managed IT Services in New York

By Hanna Holmgren

February 11, 2020

New York City

An experienced IT service provider will be able to scale your company’s needs, thereby providing a comprehensive range of services that guarantee top of the range security and state of the art technological tools. As with all things technological, IT servicing standards are constantly evolving and now include software updates and upgrades, hardware installations, and security-related services.

Although the constant expansion of the technology industry proves beneficial for companies and individuals alike, it can make it harder to find a quality managed IT service provider in a saturated market environment. To shorten your search for the perfect IT professional, we have compiled a list of the best managed IT services in New York City.

Best Managed IT Services New York City

Abacus Group

The Abacus Group is known for managing a wide range of IT-related tasks so that their clients can focus on growing their businesses. Among other things, the Abacus Group specializes in technological tools that exceed everyday regulatory standards. They also offer 24/7 support via their team of network engineers, infrastructure architects, and disaster recovery experts.

Abacus Group supports FIX connectivity, trading applications and compliance archiving, and offers all their services via the cloud. Furthermore, their IT platform, abacusFlex, enables clients to run their company tech as a service on a monthly subscription basis. Clients can also choose between three cloud-based systems and get full access to continuous cybersecurity to ensure the safety of all their IT systems.


AiNET is a self-professed IT superhero and expert technology partner that excels in merging the right team with the right tools in order to proactively engineer professional IT solutions for their clients. Their cloud services are scalable and guarantee advanced product development storage solutions that are highly secure and compliance-ready.

Furthermore, AiNET also offers a range of network services that will keep your business connected at optimum speeds. Their data center solutions are integrated with computing and fiber network services to stretch your IT budget. They also offer IT consulting, cloud migration, and other managed IT services.

Computer Resources of America

If you have any existing IT infrastructure that you have a hard time managing, then Computer Resources of America will be able to help. Not only do they offer a range of managed IT solutions to all their clients, but they also excel in cloud solutions and IT consulting for small or big companies alike.

Their cloud solutions enable you to access all of the latest cloud capabilities at the touch of a button and make it easy to store data securely. With the help of Computer Resources of America, you can also prioritize strategic projects and implement them in the most budget-friendly way possible.

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Net at Work

Net at Work promises to keep your everyday tasks and overall productivity levels as efficient as possible through their fixed-cost managed IT solutions. Along with their business intelligent platforms, Net at Work also offers a robust ITSM service desk, as well as system automation and monitoring services that will keep your IT systems running at an optimal level.

The company offers 24/7 system monitoring, increased operational efficiency, and cost-effective solutions for enterprise-level support, thereby minimizing downtime and optimizing your businesses’ productivity. The company also offers ERP accounting software support, CRM solutions, and cloud-based services.


Promenet has been around for more than 20 years and is one of the best managed IT Services in New York City. Some of Promenet’s expert IT services include IT infrastructure consultation, software integration, and a range of managed IT services for both large and small companies. As part of their in-depth analysis services, Promenet also offers gap assessments, IT audits, and cybersecurity framework analysis.

By making use of Promenet’s managed services, you will enable your IT team to give more attention to the tasks that really matter.


Tekscape has more than 12 years’ experience in offering clients expert IT managed services. They specialize in monitoring, managing, and implementing new solutions that grow your digital landscape to better support your business needs.

Apart from specializing in cybersecurity, Tekscape also offers a range of IT managed services for networks and various systems.

In Conclusion

For the best managed IT services in New York City, you can contact any one of these tech giants. Whether you need top-range IT support or reliable business automation, these companies will cater to all your IT needs.

Hanna Holmgren
Hanna Holmgren

Hanna is the Recruiting Coordinator at Kisi. She's based in Stockholm and is passionate about finding the best talent to join the Kisi Krew!