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Kisi Introduces Smart Door Alerts

If someone logs in your gmail, you will get notified. But when someone unlocks your own office, you wouldn’t be aware at all. To us, this never made sense. This is why we are introducing a bunch of useful alerts today - the good news is that they are already live and well in use! 😃

Current Kisi user looking to get alerts set up? Click here.

- Kisi Smart Door Alerts: Get notified when a door unlocks or its settings are being changed. This helps to keep doors that are not typically used under close supervision.

- Kisi Smart Access Alerts: You can also keep track of a specific person and get notified when he/she unlocks the door. With Kisi’s smart access alerts, you receive a notification when he/she unlocks any door. You will also able to see any changes to access rights of members, e.g. a card is replaced or the member itself is changed.

- Kisi Smart Group Alerts: If you are interested when an entire group or their members have arrived at the office, you can set those notifications via Kisi Smart Group Alerts. With those alerts you’ll get notified when for example, your cleaner unlocks the door or other groups that are important to keep track of.

- Kisi Access Notifications Dashboard: All these notifications are shown in Kisi’s new access Notifications Dashboard. Review different levels of notifications, mark them read and collaborate with your security operations staff to keep the facility security - easy and streamlined.

Lastly, click here if you would like to know more on how to set up these alerts and notifications!

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