Employee Spotlight: Working as a Developer at Kisi

By Christina Sophie Schmid
September 13, 2018
‍Jorge Orguela, iOS Developer at Kisi

Our Employee Spotlight Series focuses on the people that make working at Kisi so fun! This week we sat down with Jorge, based in Barranquilla, Colombia to learn more about him and his work here at Kisi.

What's your position here at Kisi and what do you do?

Jorge: I currently work as an iOS developer here at Kisi and I am in charge of developing and maintaining new features to the app.

What were you doing before you joined Kisi?

Jorge: I was working remotely for a startup in Seattle and also doing iOS development there.

So you've been with Kisi for a few months now. What originally drew you to Kisi?

Jorge: The idea of being involved with IoT and of course the impression I got when interviewing for the position. Everyone at Kisi seemed really passionate about the product and what they were doing. I also felt like this position was a great opportunity for me to grow further as a developer.

You're currently working remotely from Colombia. How has this experience been like?

Jorge: At the beginning it was definitely hard to get used to the new time-zone, since the tech team is located in Stockholm, Sweden. So I had to get used to waking up really early :D I really enjoy working here everyday and sharing knowledge with the team mates. The whole tech/product team is great!

What do you love most about Kisi?

Jorge: The passion of the teammates to make a high quality product.

What do you like doing outside of work?

Jorge: In my free time I like to go to the gym, play soccer and I’m also involved in a few local animal rescue organisations and projects to help stray animals on the streets here in Colombia.

Do you have any advice for prospective candidates, looking to work as engineers at Kisi?

Jorge: If they are looking to work on challenging projects and with a great team, I am pretty sure that they would love Kisi.

And your proudest moment at Kisi?

Jorge: The proudest moment was the release of the new version of the iOS app, because we put a lot of time and love into the new design and improvements.

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Christina Sophie Schmid

Chrissy is the Talent Acquisition Manager at Kisi. She's always on the look-out for the best talent to join the Kisi Krew.