Left Field Labs: Kisi + Stitch Integration

By Ashley Davis

February 04, 2020

Left Field Labs office

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Left Field Labs, a design firm with a focus on web development, is a company founded with the understanding that technology is pushing humanity towards a new era of art, culture, and commerce. The organization approaches their work not only to achieve a business goal, but as a way to bring technology more into harmony with the human experience.

Left Field Labs integrates Stitch, a data management system, with its Kisi system to extract, transform and load the organization’s physical security data. With readily available integrations on Stitch’s website, Left Field Labs gets to decide what data they want to copy over and the frequency at which they do so.

Left Field Labs’ CTO Eric Lee set up a webhook which took him 10 minutes to set up the Stitch integration. The integration enables all data from Kisi activity to be stored in a table, and works seamlessly.

“The integration allows us to identify when people have entered the office on weekends through a simple table - all our company data for Kisi is easily stored in a centralized place.” 

As Left Field Labs progresses towards being more tech-driven, Eric envisions using the Stitch and Kisi integration as a machine learning tool to get better data that can drive automations in the workplace. Some of the advantages of this integration are:

  • The process of setting up the integration was very smooth and can be done by anyone.
  • Stitch saves all data from Kisi activity in a table and works seamlessly.
  • All company activity data is in one centralised place, including physical access events.

Want to set up your own integration with Kisi’s open API? Read more here.

Ashley Davis
Ashley Davis

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