Security for Brokerage Firms and Real Estate Offices

By Kait Hobson
December 14, 2018

The real estate industry has many regulations, some of which are difficult to adapt to new technologies. But large franchises, like Century 21, found that they can streamline operations in 11 satellite offices through smart tech, like Kisi. In 2018, according to Forbes, the real estate firms that will succeed are those with sustainable, tech-driven models that serve agents and consumers better.

Century 21 is the number one real estate company in the southeast region of the United States, with over 450 agents in 11 offices spread over the Tampa-metro area. We spoke to Trevor Jones, the IT manager and system administrator, about how he manages Century 21’s day-to-day operations with Kisi.

The nature of the real estate industry caters to guest realtors, brokers, lawyers, mortgage agents, and vendors to access the offices on both short and long-term basis. All of these moving parts can make real estate security difficult to scale.

Some of them had physical keys to locations and others had fobs. In a regular week, Trevor was copying 25+ keys.

“It’s really annoying for me to manage,” Trevor says. When he was looking to change his offices to be more modern he liked that Kisi has a 4.8-star app and how simple it was to use.

He spoke to many IT managers, including some who were already using Kisi. The closest use-case he saw was a big developer in commercial real estate in California. Trevor experimented with Kisi at his smaller offices, where it’s currently set up on four doors. In total there will be 12 doors.

The title company was blown away by what this does,” Trevor says. “There are not too many real estate agents who don’t have their phone on them— they love it.”


His office uses Google’s suite of tools, so he only needed to sync Kisi with his Google Directory to onboard his employees. His agents now have access 24/7, if they need it, and the reader restricts opening the door if they’re more than three feet away from it. “It’s pretty quick and easy to set up,” Trevor says. “It took about an hour to get everybody in there.”

Trevor can grant certain vendors access, whenever they need it, and restrict the access of other vendors based on the projects they’re working on—all from his mobile phone.“

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