Kisi's Offline Mode

Unlock doors even when your network is offline.

Offline Functionality

Keep your spaces secure, even during an outage.

Kisi's acccess control solutions slot right into your connected office, but what happens during a network outage?

Kisi products are thoughtfully designed so that even if they lose connection to the internet you can unlock doors and maintain access to your spaces.

How does it work?

If your Kisi Reader and Controller lose connection to the internet for longer than five minutes, they will automatically switch to offline mode. When offline mode is active, users with access permissions can use their cellular internet connection (4G, LTE, 5G) to temporarily connect your Kisi products to the cloud to unlock

Kisi's cloud mode vs. offline mode
How Kisi devices work with cloud mode vs. offline mode

Benefits of Offline Mode

  • Ensure secure access to your office even if you suffer a network outage
  • No worries about being lock out of (or in) your office
  • Meet stricter security requirements

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