Access Control Glossary

Access control is a huge and complex topic -- that's why we've constructed a glossary for all the terms you might not be able to find in standard articles.

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For quick viewing, a definition overview is written for each glossary term for quick viewing. But we've also delved deeper into each term with comprehensive explanations on their individual pages.

By design this list is a beta project and far from complete -- it will be updated continuously.

Alarm Filter

What are Account Panels in my Access System?

Access Control and Identity Management

Access Panels in Office Security

Active Badge in Access Control

Active Directory Service Interfaces

Advanced Encryption Standard

Alarm Input

Alarm Monitoring Module

Alarm Output

Alarm Panel

Area Access Manager

Area Anti-passback in Access Control

Arm Alarm

Arming Stay vs. Arming Away

Automation Software

CCTV Switcher

Canceling Alarm

Card Coercivity

Card Encoder

Card Number

Card Types

Cardholder Activation Date

Centralized Access Control

Ceramic Read Head

Check in Check out in Access Control

Cipher Mode



Command Reader in Access Control

Common Access Card

Continuous Archiving

Delay Arm

Diddle Count

Disarm Alarm in a Security System

Disposable Badge

Door Holder

Door Strike

Duress Alarm Button

Elevator Reader

Entry and Exit Delay in Security Systems

Exit Reader

False Acceptance Rate

False Reject Rate

Function Lists in Card Readers

Group Account

Held Open Time in Alarm Systems

How do Access Levels Work?

Inclusion Group

Initiating Alarm

Instant Arm

Intelligent System Controller

eCard in Access Control

Legacy Access Control

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

Lockdown and Lockout

Log Access Control

Main Alarm Monitor

Mask Alarm

Master Arm

Master Reader

Mean Time Before Repair

Mean Time Between Failures

Monitor Station

Monitor Zone

Monitored Table

Motion Detector

Muster Mode

Muster Reader

Muster Report

Muster Reset

Muster Zone / Muster Point

NFC Card Reader

ONVIF: Open Network Video Interface Forum

OSDP: Open Supervised Device Protocol

Pad Character

Parent Device

Passive Infrared Sensor

Perimeter Arm

Peripheral Device

Pre-Alarm Feature in Alarm Systems

Precision Access

Rally Point

Request to Exit Button

Role Based Access Control

Security Clearance Level

Security Threshold

Shear Lock

Sign Out Visit

Signature Tablet

Simple Network Management Protocol

Slave Reader

Storeroom Function

Tailgating (Security)

Trace Alarm Monitoring

Track Magnetic Stripe in Access Cards

Two-Card Control in Access Systems

Two-man Rule

Uninterruptible Power Supply

User Ingress

Video Capture Board

Video Verification

What Are Access Control Groups?

What are Cardholder Access Group?

What does a Conettix D6600 do?

What is Mandatory Access Control (MAC)?

What is System Alarm Acknowledgment?

Wiegand in Access Control