What are Cardholder Access Group?

Adding access levels to hardware and amenities in a workplace can make your operations much more efficient, but manually controlling each access key for every individual cardholder can be a tedious, time-consuming task. To avoid doing this process one-by-one, you can instead choose to implement access groups, which are collections of hardware access levels that have been grouped together for convenient use by one or more employees. In your access system, you can group certain privileges together by team, department, or seniority.

Practical Example

For example, managers might get unlimited access to all conference rooms, while lower-level employees might be part of a group that needs to request access to use conference rooms. You could also choose to create a certain group for your reception staff with easy access to the mailroom, or maybe even an access group for visitors, who will have limited movement around the office. For larger workplaces, especially, access groups alleviate the stress of deciding hardware privileges for every single person who passes through.

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