How do Access Levels Work?

Access levels are simple but powerful technological tools that simplify hardware use the modern office. You can control access to any kind of physical resource with specific access levels, which are used to assign and define the hardware access of cardholders. Certain amenities, like teleconference rooms, private offices, and parking garages, can be outfitted with readers that are programmed to lock them until a cardholder presents their badge. Each badge is outfitted with a signal that is specific to the person that owns it, identifying them as the person who is requesting access. While every cardholder can be given the same level of access, you can also stratify them into different access levels, meaning that some people will have greater privileges than others. Managers and administrators, for example, could be given higher access levels than new employees. By using these time-saving tools, you’ll make setting up an access system much easier.

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