Card Encoder

Just like the black strip on the back of your credit cards, the magnetic strip on your space’s access cards is crucial for every cardholder. If you’ve ever wondered how, exactly, those strips get there, card encoders are the answer. These are physical devices that encode a specific user ID on physical cards, marrying the benefits of both hardware and software. Each cardholder will have a unique ID with specific access specifications, meaning that their card unlocks only the amenities they’ll need, from personal offices to even entire floors of a building.

Card encoders work by encoding information on blank strips. They do this by reversing the polarity of certain tiny bar magnets within the strip, a process known as flux reversal. Each card is, therefore, completely unique and personalized to that specific cardholder. When combined with other security measures, including video verification or signature tablets, they are a foolproof way of increasing office security.

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