CCTV Switcher

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is an increasingly popular and important feature of modern security systems. Combined with an access control system, they allow you to monitor activity within your space, which makes security breaches both less likely and easier to control. Chances are, you’ll have more than one CCTV camera in your facility. Larger operations might even have dozens across multiple floors or buildings. To ensure that you can keep tabs on all of the camera feeds at once, CCTV switchers automatically cut between multiple live feeds, giving you a comprehensive look at your entire space at once. The automatic cuts allow you to stop manually switching between cameras, making security monitoring a little easier and much more comprehensive. This practice is especially effective in larger spaces, where closed-circuit feeds cover the entirety of your operation at once. Switchers are effective, easy, and, best of all, relatively inexpensive, like the cherry on top of a great security system.

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