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Personalized Cards

What it is

Personalized cards for access control allow a reliable form of a person’s identification and authentication to enter certain premises or access data. They contain such holder’s information as name, date of birth, photo, employee ID, signature,  level of access control, etc. Personalized smart cards store a lot of important data and foster an additional level of security at any organization.

‍Smart access control cards contain information about a card holder and allow to quickly verify holder’s identity

On-premise card personalization

These days card personalization can be done on premises without the need to apply to a smart card factory. Thanks to the modern inline card personalization tools card issuance can be done seamlessly and effortlessly.

The following technical devices are required for that:

  • Desktop printer equipped with an internal smart card encoder
  • Software that is compatible with the integrated access control system
  • Hardware needed during the cycle of a card thanks to which you can take pictures, extend card validity, block a card, etc.

Thanks to the above-mentioned hardware and software holder’s data is saved on a chip memory, encoded into the magnetic stripe and printed or engraved on the surface of the card.

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