Trace Alarm Monitoring

If you’re concerned about an untrustworthy employee or guest in a normal office, you can’t do much to check in on their activity without appearing suspicious. In a facility outfitted with an access control system, though, you can enact trace alarm monitoring, which is the process of monitoring a single badge or device. With this technique, you can see a cardholder’s exact movements, including their time in and out, the amount of times they have swiped and even the readers that have denied them access. Similarly, you can check in on card readers that seem to be performing badly, especially ones with high false acceptance or denial rates, to see if it’s time to replace the unit.

Trace alarm monitoring allows you to keep a watchful eye on your facility without expending too much effort or appearing too nosy, which can give you even more confidence in fixing problems with personnel or hardware. By looking at concrete data, for example, you can see if your employees have a problem with chronic lateness and then remedy the problem.

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