Office Security for Headquarters

Office Security for Headquarters

MarketsandMarkets research report predicts the global access control system market value to reach $10.03 billion by 2023 from the existing value of about $6.39 billion in 2016 at a 6.48% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). According to the report, this promising growth is powered by numerous market drivers like advanced technologies, improvement in the security management culture and growing security threats. The headquarter security concerns are taking center of the consideration across all business domains and industries.

What Is Headquarters in Access Control?

Headquarters (HQ) in the access control system is the location from where the policies and strategies for the security management of the company are created and managed. The headquarter security of any business plays a vital role in the overall access control security management system. The main access control policy is extensively influenced by the changed work culture and the higher management involvement in the present day business ecosystem.

The advancement in technologies has changed the way to manage an access security control system at one single location through mobile access and web based cloud access control. Now, you can have robust control over satellite office security as well as over the overseas office security across the globe without any problems.

Access Control Solution for Headquarters

IP based access control solution powered by the internet of things (IoT) is one of the best solution to control the security of all offices from the central location of the company headquarters. In this solution, the main controller/server is located either on-premises or in the cloud, which can be accessed through the supported web browsers from anywhere in the globe through the internet.

The last mile access control system for every satellite office security, or even overseas office security should be connected through the local office router to the headquarters. The last mile access control system should be fully automated powered by IP based intelligent locks, card/data readers, local access controllers and associated devices. Thus, you get a robust headquarter security as well as remote office security at a unified platform.

What Should You Look for a Robust HQ Solution?

A robust headquarter security solution should have the following main features and capabilities.

  • Should have robust centralized ACS management system powered by the modern technologies
  • Should incorporate the latest security measures to safeguard the access control credentials and digital assets
  • Must be compatible with the hardware of all popular manufacturers
  • Should support all possible ACS schemes and topologies
  • Should have capability to integrate remote ACS to implement satellite office security
  • Should support cloud based access to control overseas office security
  • Should support HID, tag keys, mobile keys and fingerprint options
  • Should support all last mile access control technologies like Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth and others
  • Should be compatible with mobile number access and mobile app access
  • Should have detailed reporting capabilities
  • Should have an intuitive interface to learn and use  

What Is Unique About HQ in Access Control System?

Headquarter is the main physical zone in the access control system, from where the all locations and remote offices of the company can be monitored and controlled. It centralizes the headquarter security system so that it can be managed and monitored easily. The centralize access control and management reduces the ACS operational cost.

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