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Here’s all you need to know about hightech security

Why should a home be concerned with setting up hightech security measures?

According to the Safe Wise report, as much as $12.4 billion worth of assets were stolen in 2015 in the United States only. That report further elaborates that one property crime occurs every 3.9 seconds. The recovery ratio of the property losses is less than 27% of the total losses.

Similarly, the FBI crime statistics for 2016 indicates that as much as $15.6 billion of worth property losses occurred due to property crimes in the USA. Another important aspect of the burglary statistics is that the majority of them take place in the daytime when people are away from their homes for work.  

hightech security
‍In such circumstances the robust and hightech security for homes is very critical to implement for avoiding any kind of big loss to the property and home assets.

What is the ideal hightech security arrangement for a home?

The recent statistics issued by the FBI crime branch about the USA that the violent crimes have increased by more than 8.6% in the USA during 2016. Among such crimes, murder, rape, aggravated assault and non-negligent manslaughter are on rise as compared to previous year figures.

In such circumstances, it is very critical to have a hightech security system in place to safeguard the beloved family members – children, elders and women – from such incidents that can leave irreparable losses.  

The main points of an ideal hightech security system should include:

  • Modern physical access control system powered by the latest technologies like, biometric, NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, IoT, Cloud and mobile based access
  • Modern mechanism for allocation of electronic keys and pins to the users for certain periods, areas, and locations
  • High definition CCTV cameras should be placed inside and outside of the property to monitor any suspicious movement
  • The CCTV monitoring should also support temperature sensing images for any movement in the dark.
  • A comprehensive security lighting system should be installed inside as well as outside the property
  • The access control and surveillance systems should be accessible through the internet on your mobile and laptops from anywhere in the world
  • A sensitive alarm system should be integrated with the access control and monitoring system so that immediate support can be achieved
  • The hightech security for homes should also have a strong security against any kind of intrusion into the system through technical hacking

What are some of the unique points a home should take note when setting up its security process?

A home should take the note of the following points while establishing a foolproof hightech security system.

  • A professional grade security assessment of the home
  • Should use the modern cloud based and mobile app enabled access control system
  • Should also use the latest locking and unlocking access technologies like Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi and IoT
  • The main entrance of a home should be biometric enabled
  • The passwords and keys should be changed on a regular basis
  • Remote access should be enabled for any emergency requirements
  • Should have mobile alert enabled alarm system
  • The products should be carefully selected
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