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7 Ways to Ensure Multiple Office Site Security

As your business grows, expansion is a great opportunity to develop your brand and gain a strong foothold in the market. By establishing multiple offices in different locations you can also poach talent, penetrate different geographic regions and reach a wider pool of clients.  With separate affiliations the matter of security becomes of a paramount importance, because now there’s more digital communication between the offices involved, more staff members whom you might not have met yet, but  whom you have to put your faith in. From data transmission to multi office access control system — let us have a look at multiple office security and touch upon the most important aspects you should keep in mind.

Data Security

Safe data exchange between various offices of your company is crucial. To secure Internet activities and file transfers, we advise to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN).      

multiple office security
‍VPN service providers create a protected tunnel between individual users


It is an essential tool to make remote connections. VPN service providers create a protected tunnel between the users located in affiliated offices and enable a safe and anonymous data transmission. This means all your data is encrypted and no hacker can sniff out your confidential information.Develop an in-house procedure according to which employees change passwords every few months and use a combination of capital letters, numbers and special symbols. Do not underestimate the importance of strong passwords. Two-factor authentication is great to utilize too. Backup your data regularly. Data breach and loss of data are not uncommon these days. It is recommended that you backup data at least once a week. As a preventive measure, identify which data is a jewel in the crown of your organization and make sure it is particularly secured well, and only few staff members have access to it.You can read more on data security measures here.


Another important aspect of multiple office security is to have the same procedures and systems implemented in each branch of your company. Whether you are considering cloud computing, data backup, employee training or developing a multi office access policy, it must be enforced in each affiliation. This will ensure fewer nuances in work of each office, and you can avoid a lot of unforeseen situations in operation of any of the branches.


Whether we are talking about multi office access, access to company’s internal information or online resources, take measures to prevent unauthorized access to the facilities, data and certain websites, as it can hamper the smooth operation of your business activity and cause data leakage.Let’s consider access to multiple offices. These days automated access control system is integral part of multiple office security.

multi site door security
‍You can restrict employees’ access to certain facilities thanks to automated access control system

Thanks to to the system you can restrict some employees from entering certain facilities or offices. For instance, such sensitive data as pay slips and financial reports stored at specific offices should be available only to HR staff, accountants or managers respectively. Each worker gets an access card or a keypad that enables them to access the area they are permitted to enter. You as a business owner can monitor which employee and at what time had access to one or another corporate room. Depending on their position and functions in your organization, a worker may have a limited or a non-restricted access to multiple offices.

By installing computer monitoring software on your employees’ computers you can restrict their ability to copy sensitive information, block access to potentially malicious online content and social media websites. This does not only let you see which documents were printed or saved on a USB drive and prevents insider threat, but also helps improve overall office productivity.

Hope that by following the above mentioned steps you ensure that your business is protected, and the security of your multiple offices is never compromised.

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