Open Office Security

Office Security For Open Offices

An open office can be defined as an interior design or floor plan that minimizes the use of enclosed, small rooms or private offices and promotes a large, open room for all or most of the employees. These days, more and more large, medium and small business organizations are opting for open offices.

Open offices are cost effective from the company point of view as it eliminates walls and enables employees to access limited equipment and accessories available in an open office.  Open offices are good for communications among the employees. An employee can easily turn to the college sitting next to him or her for advice or assistance. But lack of privacy and proper security can be important and major concerns when it comes to operating in open offices. If you are still in the planning stage of your office design, check these pros and cons of open offices before making the final decision. No matter what kind of office you plan for, apply these simple strategies to improve office security.

Things to Look For When Selecting An Access Control And Office Security Solution For Open Offices

You never want outsiders to enter into your office without your approval. That’s why the open offices security should be a top priority for you. Here are the major features you should look for when opting for an open secure office access control solution for your open office:

1. Flexible And Easy Access Control

The use of smart cards in main entrances, elevators, and conference rooms are most common as it offers employees with easy and flexible access to open office.


Use of biometric scanner or password for entrance are other options available with most solutions for office access for open offices. Use of employee ID cards and mobile phones too are popular features in many open offices security solutions. Some solution offers multiple options.

security in open office
‍Employees can use their own mobile devices to unlock the doors.

2. Automatic Tracking Of Employee Movement

Almost all solutions for open offices security enable you to easily track the records of entry and exit of employees into and from the open office. If you have some separate rooms for more important office work, you can limit access to only the approved employees into those rooms. The sophisticated software that comes with the open secure office access control solution does the automatic tracking for you.

3. Open Office Security Camera

open office security
‍Have Enough Security Camera Installed

For open offices security, you need to install sufficient security cameras around the room and especially the entrance and exit areas. So, any open secure office access control solution that comes with sophisticated security camera should be a superior option than one without.

4. A Flawless Alarm System

A proper secure office access control solution should have a flawless alarm system to enable security individuals to act quickly enough to catch any intruders into the office.

5. Easy Customization

Some solutions can create more problems than solving them. Say for example, a solution with difficult customization process can frustrate you. So make sure you know how to customize lockdown scenarios before you buy one.

These are some general things you should look for when selecting the perfect solution for office access for open office. It is recommended that you go for a proprietary solution than an open source one as open source solutions can easily be taken advantage of.   

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