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How to keep Your Business Safe on All Seven Continents with Remote Office Security

We have digitized workplaces and made key progress in mobile technologies. We have high-speed Internet, premium quality wiring and faster transportation. Fewer people go to work in traditional offices. Instead, more people work remotely from various locations, home offices, cafes or holiday resorts. Many people work in different countries or on multiple projects. In fact, some tech businesses are entirely made of team members who have never met each other in person, yet communicate from a virtual office on daily basis.

If you want to attract talent from all over the world, you should check out the fringe benefits of remote work in satellite offices. Having said that, you need to pay due attention to how you are going to manage your remote office security, be it virtual or physical. Typical concerns include lack of physical control due to distance, and increased costs for monitoring and implementation, not to mention viruses or other virtual threats.

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‍Worldwide Access Control from Your Touchscreen

This becomes even more important if you consider opening real branch offices in overseas locations. You needn’t only make sure that you comply with local laws and regulations, but also find a practical and cost-effective way to run the business securely.

How to Set up an Overseas Office, Stress-Free

In contrast to small offices on a single location, or even a home office - overseas office security has some additional components that need to be considered. For example, the increased diffusion of people and technology impacts company data, employees and equipment. Risks from attacks multiply.

On the other hand, there is no question that employees have a greater freedom when working remotely. As much as you think that distributed work can be a security nuisance, it is actually what makes branching out possible. To a level, your concern for greater remote office security risks is justified. Yet, thanks to computers, smartphones, Bluetooth and NFC technologies, access control of remote work locations is safer than thought. In fact, you can use the overseas office security equipment to improve the safety of your business.

There is plenty you need to think about when you need to manage access control of remote offices. Fortunately, overcoming distance is not one of the issues. Thanks to modern satellite office security solutions, your business needs only one person and once access control platform to control hundreds of locations and as many persons.

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‍Planning Your Remote Office Security Access Control

When you can choose the times, the dates and the locations of who gets access up to a minute, you have one problem less to think about. You can tease your brain with all those overseas office security policies and local regulations! Bottom line, if there are extra costs for legal counsel, with satellite office security systems you won’t spend a dime on extra security guards.

It is obvious that remote office security will require a bit more planning and support than the access control system for a conventional office environment. Don’t forget that you can always use all benefits of multiple-level access control. There is no need to stay away from mechanical keys or schedule alternative checks by security contractors.

It’s up to you to scale the approach and make your overseas office security setting convenient, safe and comfortable.

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‍Manage Your Overseas Office Security from a Park Brunch Meeting

Of course, there will be differences if you open a real physical location on another continent or just get people to work on the web. That’s the good thing about remote-based and satellite office security. You can use a web-managed security solution such as a cloud access control or on-site software where you have each of your colleagues get verified independently via the installed software. From a single point of control, you can tell:

  • Who, when and where opened the main door
  • Who gets to use the official parking
  • Who is authorized to use the office equipment
  • How long can contractors stay in the building
  • Who was the last person to get in or get out
  • Who will get access in varied cities and countries

Thаnks to satellite office security your business can be safe, spread and grow on all seven continents. With advanced technologies for overseas office security, you can schedule access for staff, set it by time zones and manage multiple locations. You can integrate one solution for dozens of door locks and companies, and monitor the door usage for every single one of them.

Extend Your Business Overseas with Flexible Satellite Office Security Control  

With a cloud-based access control, you can tell the opening times for multiple stores or locations. You can discontinue the granted access from one point or distribute the responsibility in a network. Reported data for all access points is kept in a central cloud database. Most systems are scalable and flexible for multiple entry and exit doors, elevators, garages, safe boxes, and can be integrated into hardware system to make it work as an upgrade.

Web-based remote office security tools have an unprecedented advantage of managing hundreds of users and accounts so that you don’t need to dedicate resources for needless IT security costs - the access control platform does it for you. Wi-Fi makes it possible to grant new access within minutes. You don’t even need to think about cables! If you are a fan of smartphone authentication, things are a breeze. Incorporate Bluetooth or NFC proximity sensors into the satellite office security network, and you can start issuing codes to your distributed workforce and clients meeting the business needs.

With all that global responsibility, at least access control will be a clear-cut decision. Just make sure that you think about the type of connectivity that you need. Consider the connected devices within the overall remote office security system in detail. Once you get a basic picture of the probable fees, you are good to go.

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