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How Smartphones Fit Into Your Renovated Office Access Control System

If you are a technical manager with the task of choosing the appropriate office access for renovated offices in the overall remodel of a multiple office building, then you probably don’t have too much time for thorough planning.

The concerns about the renovated offices security come into focus only after you’ve given due thought to how you are going to upgrade the available office space, restore the facade or polish the masonry. The costs of replacing the original doors and windows, renovating entrances, lobbies, shared areas and restrooms are preoccupying you. You hardly have hours to spare. You may even think of the renovated office access control as an additional difficulty causing unnecessary costs and slowing down the overall renovation process.

Yet, a quality office access for renovated offices is well worth the planning and the expenditures in the long run. The renovated office access control is best-done nip-and-tuck with the overall refurbishment. Why not handle the wiring along with the new carpeting, wall covering and roofing?  

renovated office security
‍Renovation and a new access control system are best done together

If you do the construction work and the interior design without thinking of how will the change affect the renovated office security, the time saved upfront will pick up the fee later. The extra days required to build glass cubicles for remote meetings or knock down a wall only because you needed to rethink security in an open area plan office will cost more in the end.

On the contrary, setting up an upgraded elevator system or replacing the mechanical locks, windows and exit gates is a breeze, when you know that the office will not only be beautified, but also secure. Refurbishing an office is an ideal opportunity to make a contemporary electromagnetic lock system work its wonders in the new space. If you’ve ever had the chance to elegantly sweep through an electronic glass door after visual verification from a remote camera room located at the building top, you get the drill. Apart from being the first thing customers see when they visit, the office space is an investment in your employees, too. It will have an even greater impact on staff.

Increase Staff Productivity with Your Renovated Office Security Upgrade

Employees at a worn office have difficulties looking into the future. As much as everyone loves a modern sleek office from the design perspective, the renovated office access control perks are irreplaceable in terms of boosting your staff morale and productivity. When done right, the renovated office security will improve the workflow, almost without anyone noticing. Electronic access control is not only an investment into the long term business prospects for your company but it also lowers down the costs by creating sustainable security into the digital age.

There are literally thousands of ways in which you can improve the renovated office security from the point of view of customers and employees.

People are your most important resource. You can help them increase their value with adequate support by modern equipment.

Elevators, Lobby, Entrance, New Building, Interior
‍Use the entrance to impress customers with security

For example, a receptionist can use a wireless remote control activated by a buzzer for incoming visitors while leaving it to the motion sensors to do the job for people on their way out. If you didn't like the abrupt mechanical locking and unlocking of you old office doors, you can go for concealed desk switches. They provide flawless access, but are way cheaper than multifactor authenticators.

A new office can enable the extra security check for people coming by car if you install automatic gates controlled by smartphone passcodes. Where once the office had physical separations, you can now implement software authentication and provide wireless passwords. The possibilities are limitless. Sometimes, the nature of the business, the power supply options and the budget are the only impediments.

Office Access for Renovated Offices with Smartphone Authentication

Things are getting so simple that you can now handle all your office access for renovated offices from your smartphone. Although many commercial buildings still like using key fobs or cards when establishing an overall new security system, many opt for access control mobile apps.

People’s most common concern about smartphone access control is, paradoxically - security. In fact, making your phone work with access codes should be taken as a security upgrade. Think of the advantages - no more local data storage, responsibilities to do backups or handling reports of exhausting inventories - the cloud technology does it all for you!

Perhaps the key reason many people feel reluctant to entrusting the access control to an application is the lack of insight into how modern web-based and cloud-based access control systems work. One thing is sure, though: if you are happy enough to give access to an NFC device to execute important payments, you’d be comfortable with wireless technology let people in at your office. From a threat perspective, web connectivity and the human factor are still the most pervasive vulnerabilities. Employees are just easy-going with usernames and passwords. This can easily be ruled out by using one-time passwords. If you deploy additional authentication asking for extra credentials to grant access, you are additionally decreasing the threat factor.

Don’t forget that the best thing about making mobile phones control the office access for new offices is that they can be fully incorporated into the existing infrastructure.   


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