What Is Access Control?

Access control system is a mechanism to restrict the access to information, assets, area and people from external and internal threats. The access to those resources is made through different kinds of authentication and authorization, and zoning mechanism controlled automatically, manually or the combination of the both. The access control systems have evolved from very fundamental mechanical lock through single door access control system to modern IP based access control system using IoT technology.

The fundamental components of access control system include:

  • Door lock
  • Key fobs
  • Controller

Numerous types of door locks, key fobs, controllers, operational technologies and integration technologies have been adopted in the modern access control systems, which provide unified physical and data security on a single platform.

Various Configurations of Access Control System

The modern access control systems can be installed in multiple configurations. The basic configurations ACS system includes:

1 Door Access Control System: This is the basic configuration of modern access control system, which can be a standalone single door access control system as well as integrated system with other ACS system. It uses single door access control kit to operate. In this configuration, one door lock, 2 readers and one controller are used. It is suitable for single room, shop, garage and other such places.

2 Door Access Control System: In this configuration, the components of access control include one controller, two door locks and 4 key readers are used. The 2 door access control system is a little bit more complex and can be integrated into power based access control system, in which both doors can be controlled through controller via power signals.

4 Door Access Control System: This system is suitable for an office, condominium or other area with four access doors to control. The 4 door access control system is a basic module for modern access system to integrate with the powered based as well as IP based unified ACS systems. In this system, you can have a certain record of events and transactions stored.

8 Door Access Control System: This is another configuration module, which is suitable for large buildings, offices or industrial places. The 8 door access control system can easily be integrated with the modern IoT based cloud access control systems. It is a common configuration used by the SMBs in their offices and manufacturing areas.

Multiple Door Access Control System: These systems are normally modular, consisting of 8 doors, 16 doors, and 32 doors and so on. These systems can be easily scaled up and down by adding and removing more modules and respective accessories. The integration of these modules in a unified ACS system is more complex.

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When to Use Which ACS Configuration?

The size of business, type of place, level of security, number of users and other such requirements determine which ACS configuration should be used and when. For example, for a single room or single entry area will require 1 door access system, while parking within one entry and one exit will require 2 door access control system.

Similarly, the level of security, capacity for event audit and mode system access will determine the higher configurations, which support IoT, PoE, NFC, Bluetooth, and other wireless technologies.

So, first of all always assess your requirements, before deciding for any access control system!

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