A complete overview of your business’ security needs and how to address them

What are some of the typical security needs of a business?

In general, the physical safety and security needs of a business are:

  • A reliable, secure and unbreakable access authentication system
  • Powerful locking system integrated with instant alert mechanism
  • A quick and true security alarm system to quickly alert for a corrective response
  • Development of security oriented work environment
  • A comprehensive surveillance of all important areas and assets
  • A powerful data security system to safeguard data theft or damage
  • An automated system to monitor and manage from remote locations
  • A proper mechanism of recording the events logs for root cause analysis of any incident
  • Capability for faster recovery and resilience
  • Proper security lights
  • The entire system should be in compliance with the modern security codes set forth by the regulatory authorities
  • All security systems should be easy to operate, upgrade and update
  • Real time monitoring of egress and entrance points
  • Unlawful tools, material and weapon tracing mechanism
  • Physical movement tracking system for high value assets  

Based on the many factors, the above mentioned points of a reliable safety and security needs may be customized, enhanced and modified as per prevailing conditions and the nature of business.

Why is it important to address these needs immediately?

security needs
Physical security breaches result in huge losses for businesses

According to the statistics of US Chambers of Commerce, more than 30% businesses fail due to criminal activities meted out to them such as physical security breaches, data security breaches, asset theft and others. Almost all businesses are information based businesses nowadays; so the loss or damage of business information may lead to huge damage to the business prospects.

The criminal activities that impact businesses directly or indirectly include data theft, asset damage, personal conflicts, business secret theft, vandalism, terrorism and many others. All these activities can be averted by taking immediate and befitting measures to avoid any loss to the businesses. So, all the security needs as mentioned earlier are indispensable for the smooth operations of a business.

How does one go about addressing the above mentioned needs?

Technology has made the life of business so easy by providing the most reliable security systems that are able to fulfill all security needs of business. Above mentioned security needs can easily be accomplished by implementing:

  • Access control system
  • CCTV surveillance system
  • Security alarm system
  • Cloud and mobile based access system
  • Security lights  

You can choose the most suitable systems that are capable of fulfilling the security needs of your business.

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