Access Control for Churches and Synagogues

Kisi strikes the balance between securing your place of worship and keeping it welcoming to all.

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The features your place of worship needs. 

Churches and synagogues can integrate Kisi with hundreds of software to keep their space running smoothly with minimal effort on volunteers.

Tap to Unlock®
Tap your phone against the reader
Remote Unlock
Unlock doors from the dashboard
Door Timer and Scheduling
Set automated lock and unlock rules
Easy Access Sharing
Share access in seconds

Kisi is the top-rated access control system for churches and synagogues.

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An Expert Shares 11 Security Tips For Synagogues After Pittsburgh Shooting

"Security plans should be a part of the security policy and are meant to help people behave safely when an issue arises."
These are some practices that work for places of worship and actionable steps that can enhance the safety of your synagogue.

Access Control and Door Security Systems for Churches

"Cloud-based access control is an advantageous solution for church security. It tackles many of the security challenges that churches face."
Considering the threats, while keeping places of worship welcoming, are a key aspect of cloud-based access control.

"Kisi is better than the police at the door because people don’t get scared during service and feel safe with the system at the door.”

Discover why non-profits choose Kisi:

Britton Hogge

Operations Manager at NYC Pride
"Most systems cost around 2-3K for a mix of hardware and labor and replacing a keycard or fob is not cheap.”

Integrate Kisi With the Tools You Already Use:

Many churches and synagogues integrate Kisi with Google Apps for event scheduling. An integration with Doorbird allows your doors to be monitored for visitors while youth activities are taking place on different floors.

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Helpful Resources for Places of Worship

Kisi is an expert on church and synagogue security. You can read more on our blog: