Integrate your contactless credit card with Kisi

Activate your contactless payment cards to unlock Kisi doors. If your credit/debit/bank card has a "tap to pay" feature, then it can be used to unlock Kisi doors using NFC technology. The way to recognize if this is the case for you is to look at your card. If somewhere on the front, it has the "contactless" logo on it, then you're good to go! The logo to look for is this one: 

To enable this new feature, simply follow the flow described in the following image.

A note on security: naturally, with such cards, you may have concerns about the security of your bank account. How can you assure yourself that your payment details are not being broadcast to the world for all to take advantage of? What will follow here is a brief overview of the NFC technology in play here, which will hopefully assuage such fears.

Contactless payment is one of the primary applications in the emerging NFC technology landscape. NFC, meaning near-field-communication, is enabled by small computer chips (called microchips) in the relevant cards and readers, that use short-wave radio frequencies to transmit data over very short distances (limited to a couple of inches). The data packages themselves are nothing more than sequences of bits, and these can represent any number of things, from credit card details, as here, to transit documentation, as in the NFC transit cards used in many cities (like London's Oyster card).

However, as with most data in the world today, this data is generally encrypted, meaning that it's not the case that any short-wave radio receiver can interpret it and steal your data. Most saliently with bank cards, the details relevant to your bank account are highly encrypted, and to interpret it, the device that you are tapping to pay has to be able to decode this data, and this is only possible if it has been approved and manufactured for such use by the bank itself.

Kisi readers are, naturally, not enabled to read this data. When you enable your bank card to unlock Kisi readers, all you are sharing with Kisi is a string of characters representing a unique NFC ID for your card, and nothing more. Thus, when you approach your bank card to the Kisi reader, it will recognize it as an enabled card, but will not receive any more data than this.

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