Yardi KUBE

Synchronize your Yardi KUBE member data with your doors. Any member in your database will automatically get access assigned via the Kisi integration.

Yardi KUBE is a workspace management platform that removes obstacles associated with growing and scaling a successful shared space.

KUBE simplifies all processes including:

  • Billing
  • Booking Spaces
  • Managing Opportunities
  • Workspace Communication
  • What makes Yardi KUBE unique?

Flexibility: You can choose to source your services such as Internet directly from Yardi KUBE or from another provider.

Modular: No bundling. We work design a custom modular solution for your workspace.

Customization: Everything is customized to your liking from the contract term to the platform itself.

Onsite Support: We are the only workspace provider globally with local support offices in over 5 states and 3 countries with a dedicated team of engineers.

Unlimited Users: One-flat rate for our Internet, data/Wi-Fi, software, and onsite/remote support services regardless of how many members or guests.

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