Advanced Access Control Enclosures

LifeSafetyPower—for larger deployments you can leverage 8 or 16-door power supplies or 4 or 8 door rack mounted enclosures specifically customized for Kisi.

How to Install

LifeSafety Power manufactures modern and innovative power supply enclosures. With a modular construction, integrations with access control hardware, and analytically driven monitoring software, LSP is revolutionizing the field of power supply.

Integration Features:

For its integrated Kisi products, LSP combines all necessary aspects into one secure, tamper-proof wall mounted enclosure. This enclosure contains a strong back plate for mounting the Kisi controller, an integrated power supply, and organized wiring, and thanks to the modular nature of LSP products, there is also room for extra battery units or processors, as required.

For the integrated access systems wall mount, there are Single Voltage and Dual Voltage option:

Single Voltage:

Four Door Unit

Dual Voltage:

Four Door Unit
Eight Door Unit
Sixteen Door Unit

Images of an installed four-door single voltage rack mounted unit:

Here is a link to the product guide.

You can find a link to the spec and data sheet for this rack-mounted unit here.


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