Kisi x Membroz Membership Management Integration

Add value to your gym by connecting your existing Membroz Membership management system with Kisi’s cloud-based access control system, allowing you to automate member check-in and provide a premium experience. Manage door access remotely with 24/7 automated monitoring solutions, control facility access using Membroz Web Panel and Realtime sync with Kisi.

How the Integration Works:

Kisi Integration with Membroz is available under Enterprise and Branded Plan.

Activate Kisi integration from Membroz setting panel:


Update Kisi access key in configuration:


A Typical Membroz Use-Case with Kisi:

Our gyms place Kisi Readers on the doors that provide access to the facility. Door access can then be managed through their membership on Membroz. Member self onboarding through a reception kiosk or mobile app will generate Kisi access automatically upon membership confirmation. This allows you to grant access to your facility without you being present, and take away that access when a member leaves your gym or defaults on their payments without manual intervention being required.


  • Member self-service on-boarding experience with instant Kisi door access
  • Branded Mobile App with T2U and QR code base access
  • Increase revenue with 24/7 access and streamlined class & course booking
  • Automatically grant access and permissions based on membership levels
  • Restrict member access based on timeslot or facility/premise
  • Monitor intrusion with Kisi real time monitoring from Membroz web portal
  • Automatically revoke access to defaulted members or freeze membership


  • Kisi account
  • Membroz account

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