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Kisi + PagerDuty Integration

The PagerDuty integration with Kisi allows admins to receive notifications of access events as incidents directly in their PagerDuty account, enabling you to assign and manage these vulnerabilities as you would a standard PagerDuty incident.

Purpose of Integration

With the PagerDuty integration, user accounts are automatically synchronized with the Kisi app, allowing managers to be notified of which areas have been accessed. This enables PagerDuty managers to have a unified view of all incidents happening in the company on one centralized platform.


  • Enable access events on Kisi to be tracked as incidents on PagerDuty, alongside other reporting
  • Allow users to access multiple locations from one application
  • Automate the onboarding and off-boarding process for all your users


  • PagerDuty account
  • Kisi account

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