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Connect your doors to the cloud with this powerful, reliable, and secure door controller.

Access Control Kit


The Access Control Starter Kit from Kisi makes long range remote control of your doors, garages, gates, and elevators from the cloud simple and secure. The kit includes a Kisi Controller Pro, and a Kisi Reader Pro for Tap Unlocks, 5 NFC cards, as well as a 5-User Key Management License for your system. When connected together, this kit gives you ability to connect up to four access points and control them from your mobile device.

The 5-User Key Management License communicates with the Kisi Controller Pro to depict which users can control which access points. The included Kisi Controller Pro connects to the cloud over ethernet or 2.4GHz/5GHz WiFi. The kit also includes the controller 24V DC power supply that you’ll need to power your Internet-connected Kisi Controller Pro.

What's included

What's included

In the Box

5-User Management License

Kisi K-8000 Door Controller PRO

Kisi KR-1000 Reader PRO

5x Kisi NFC Pass 1.1

100W Universal PSU (24V, 4A) power supply


Connects up to 4 access points Bluetooth (iOS) & NFC (Kisi Passes + Android) compatable

Controller Dimensions: 3" x 9" x 12"