Access control that does more

Enable incredible experiences with a unified software and hardware solution made in the USA.

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Smart security for your spaces

Seamless access and real-time data and analytics transform your spaces into secure and streamlined resources.

Implementation on your terms

Kisi offers a flexible platform for your business, acting as an all-in-one, standalone solution or integrating with your existing access control solution.

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Give users an unmatched access experience

Streamline user onboarding and management with automated access provisioning in Kisi. You can even connect your user management systems to Kisi, automatically enrolling users and granting them the permissions they require.

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Stay in control and save time with cohesive management

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    User permissions

    Grant and revoke access on a user or team-wide basis. You can even integrate your SSO or directory solution for automatic provisioning in the future.

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    In-and-Out Tracking

    Get precise data on when users enter and leave your space, as well as historical data of utilization trends.

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    Intrusion alerts

    Customized alerts automatically forwarded to your email or phone push notification when a door is forced open.

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    Dashboard unlock

    Unlock a specific door with a tap or click from the Kisi dashboard.

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    Event exports

    All events are recorded and organized in the Kisi dashboard, making reports and audits a breeze.

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    Integrations & API

    Leverage software integrations or build custom solutions with Kisi's API.

All-in-one setup

Use Kisi Readers with Kisi Controllers to enjoy our secure and convenient touchless access technology.

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Existing system upgrade

Keep your existing locks, cables and credentials while adding the ability to remotely manage physical security and unlock with the Kisi app — without installing new readers.

The highest-rated access control solution on the market

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Trusted by businesses like yours

Kisi is a trusted security and access solution for a global network of businesses, from SMB to enterprise.

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Bring your own credentials

Kisi works with an extensive array of popular credential standards. You should use the touchless access method you prefer, even if that’s the keycards you’ve been using for years.

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  • Mobile access

    Unlock doors remotely from the Kisi app on your iOS or Android device, or hold your locked phone near a Reader to open the door.

  • Kisi credentials

    Use Kisi Passes, Kisi Fobs or Kisi Stickers as physical credentials to unlock at your Readers.

  • MotionSense

    Wave your hand in front of a Reader to unlock without taking your phone from your pocket.

  • Third party credentials

    Seamlessly access by tapping NFC or RFID cards and key fobs.

Actionable space insights

Communication between Kisi hardware and software is near-instant, quickly compiling real-time data to give better insights into the security and utilization of your spaces.

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Go deeper with powerful integrations

Kisi helps make access easier and keeps your software stack simplified and cohesive. Our integrations library spans from popular directories and CRMs to specialized industry applications.

Switching your access control to Kisi is simple

Get in contact with our team to receive a customized quote for your business.