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The Administrative Assistant Career Path
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The Administrative Assistant Career Path

April 05, 2019
Administrative Assistant Career Path

Developing a solid foundation in a career with a variety of skill sets opens endless opportunities in the future. Administrative assistants perform tasks from negotiating to preparing presentations to managing databases. Doing a little bit of everything means that career paths anywhere can be explored. Even though administrative assistant career paths vary from person to person, these career development tips apply to everyone.

Career Development Tips

Try everything

People with multiple skills are typically interested in multiple things. Administrative assistants should give all of their options a try when deciding how to advance in their career. This will allow people to find their passion, increasing productivity in the long run. As a manager, ask administrative assistants to help with projects. The more people try new things, the more skills they gain and the more likely they are to move up in the workforce. The people who work for you now could be working by your side in the future. If you don’t give people a chance to develop their skills, their value may never be realized.


Any administrative assistant career development plan starts with who you know. Employees who strive to build relationships with every person they meet will be regarded as friendly and compassionate and will likely be the first to hear about certain job openings. Having a vast network of connections sets assistants up to gain more responsibility and move toward their professional goals. When reaching out to contacts, assistants should always be clear about what they want. People can’t help each other if someone’s needs aren’t understood.

Set goals

Assistants help organizations run better. Measurable goals for administrative assistants include short term objectives such as listening during meetings to determine unmet needs. Long term goals include taking initiative in an attempt to become an executive assistant. Assistants looking to tackle more can approach project managers who, even if they don’t need assistance, provide an example of a worker with a variety of duties. Office managers want their employees to succeed. They welcome questions from eager workers wanting to help out or learn something new.

Don’t Settle for Less

Always reach for more. Sample goals for administrative assistants are easy to create. Managers often meet with these assistants to discuss both areas of improvement and areas where the employee excels. Assistants should continuously reach out to others for this type of feedback in order to cultivate skills and reach the greatest potential possible. Managers can help by working to establish development plans that capitalize on existing strengths and target specific areas of improvement. For more info on office manager sample goals check out our guide.

Be Known

Administrative assistants should not be another face in the crowd. Their work should build a name for themselves and make others view them as dependable. Assistants might self-promote themselves from time to time. This doesn’t mean people are trying to be rude or ask for more, it just means they want their name known. A balance should be established between managers and assistants. When assistants communicate well without wasting time, managers take notice.


Pathway Within a Department

Administrative assistant careers may involve a promotion within a certain department of the company. Assistants need dedication and drive to move up in the corporate chain. They help to keep the department efficiently functioning and in doing so, interact with many people in the business. By working as an administrative assistant, people get to know their business and its operations. Eventually, these people can apply for an open managerial position in the department where they once worked as an assistant. They have shown they know what to prioritize in the department and how to stay organized. A move like this can increase workplace collaboration among coworkers because relationships have already been formed.

Having a good sense of the business helps employees improve company culture. Assistants understand the work environment and can easily adapt to a new role, making them great candidates for managerial positions. Moving to a higher position means employees must actively seek out opportunities to brainstorm, talk to supervisors, and find out what experience might be needed to further their career. Advancing within a department creates pay benefits because employees typically make more money when they stick with their role in a single company.

Written by:

Hanna Holmgren
Recruiting Coordinator at Kisi