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The Role of Workspace in Employee Retention
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The Role of Workspace in Employee Retention

August 13, 2019
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If you spend the majority of your day in a room, let’s say, eight to ten hours, it’s easy to expect that space has an effect on your mood, your desire to be there day in and day out, and your productivity. Naturally, how an office is designed and organized, as well as the office culture itself, are all viable factors that affect the desire of your employees to stay and do their jobs with pleasure. Since employee retention has become a growing issue, and more competition gives them the opportunities they need to move on to a different company, it’s up to you to maximize the power of your office to inspire your teams.

Massive cubicle-lined floors whose predominant color is the lack of one (also known as grey), with squeaky, uncomfortable chairs, and little to no room for self-expression are things of the past. Or at least they should be. If your workspace fits any of the above descriptions, you’re up for a long-overdue makeover. Here are a few ways you can transform your office space and use it to motivate your employees and inspire them to stay loyal to your business.

Eliminate Stress and Pain from the Equation

Most of our modern jobs come with hours of sitting down, which is in itself a health hazard due to the many consequences of leading a sedentary existence. Add to that, how many people have you seen keeping a healthy posture during the entire workday? Zero, in all likelihood. Most of us will slouch at least half the time we spend sitting down, not to mention in chairs that are less than optimal for ample back and neck support. 

A chair is more than an office accessory. It’s also more than a mere nuisance. A chair, as well as other furniture in your office, including your desks, kitchen table, kitchen chairs, and the like, are all significant for preventing physical and mental fatigue, stress, and chronic pain. Choose ergonomic furniture designed to support a healthy posture, and let your employees share their specific seating needs with you, if any. 

Provide Material Incentives

When was the last time you upgraded your employees’ tech to that latest model they can utilize to perform better at work? This is your chance to impress them, make their work a lot more pleasurable, and at the same time incentivize them to stay at a company that ensures its teams have the latest possible gear to do their work more effectively. That means providing excellent laptops, and noise-canceling headphones to make sure they can work without distractions.

Add to that, let a branded prepaid visa card greet them on their desk the next time they come to the office, as a way to say thank you for great work and growing your business with such enthusiasm. Such a simple, but valuable token of appreciation is a wonderful way to build a solid reputation in the eyes of your teams, and to reward them for exquisite work on a regular basis by letting them choose their way to spend the incentive. 

Ensure Flexibility and Diversity in Design

Once upon a time, as we’ve already mentioned, the grey cubicle-laden floorplan was somewhat of a staple for companies of all kinds and sizes. Today, however, the face of business design has changed to accommodate different preferences and to consider the element of aesthetics paired with function. Does your office look the part? If your creatives need some privacy, maybe you can set aside a few offices that give them a creative nook to brainstorm while your sales team can share their vocal expertise in the open part of the floor, with their noise-canceling gear to save the day.

Moreover, infuse your office design with your brand colors. That’s one way to boost loyalty and to put your workers in the perfect mood to contribute every day. Add a play zone with a few relaxing gadgets for them to use during their breaks and brainstorming sessions, and of course, talk to your employees. Consider their own design suggestions. More often than not, they’ll be a major source of inspiration on how to best make them happy! Maybe a few potted plants can brighten up their space, while a bulletin board with their teambuilding memories and greatest accomplishments is a great way to boost team spirit.


Back to Basics: Light and Heat

The things you and your employees pay the least attention to can often cause stress and strain when you least expect it. For instance, if your employees work in shifts, your day crew might not even be aware of the strain your evening and night teams experience for the lack of proper lighting. Windows should, of course, give you ample daylight, but long-lasting LED lights should help your teams work through those late nights and winter blues. 

As for temperature, make sure you have a smart thermostat built into your heating and cooling systems, so as to be energy-efficient and remove the fuss from the entire process. That way, the rooms will stay at the pre-set temperature ideal for your employees and they’ll feel comfortable for hours on end. 

It’s easy to see that your office does play a key role in keeping your employees happy and loyal. Use these tips to cover the basics of your office design and inspire your teams to stay under your wing for years on end. 

Written by:

Keith Coppersmith
Business Journalist at Bizzmarkblog.com