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KISI is the world’s first keyless access system that fits in your pocket

One for any size of building

KISI’s device is compatible with any access control system that is installed. Use KISI to upgrade your building to smartphone based access without replacing your current system. KISI is the smallest, strongest – yet most secure access control panel worldwide.

Keep your space secure and accessible

With KISI’s Virtual Building Cockpit (VBC) you manage access for all your spaces. Send keys via email, sign up visitor and service personnel with temporary virtual keys and track usage.

KISI is a new approach to let people in – instead of keeping them out

Send keys through email to employees or tenants

With KISI you always have full control of your keys – right on your smartphone. Share keys from home or vacation, on the weekend or while hiking. There are no limits to mobile access management.

See who is at your door – HD in real-time

Integrate the world’s most popular WiFi camera Dropcam with KISI to have full control over who is at your door. Giving remote access is as easy as slide to unlock on your KISI App.

Watch the video showing KISI’s keyless access in action

Our Customers

“Since we use KISI for our office we don´t have to be afraid to forget the key to the office at home. It´s just so easy with the mobile phone! We feel like we have arrived in the future!” -