Best Managed IT Services in San Francisco

By Kait Hobson

February 11, 2020

San Francisco

Whether you are a small business just starting out or have been in the industry for some time now, the need for high-quality managed IT services, knowledgeable infrastructure consultants, and reliable cloud services cannot be stressed enough. With technology progressing as fast as it is, the right IT support can be crucial when it comes to putting your business on the map.

However, finding experienced IT professionals that really know and understand the business inside out can be an arduous process. Luckily, we have done all the work for you and compiled a list that showcases the best managed IT services available in San Francisco.

Best Managed IT Services San Francisco

Kaizen Technology Partners

Kaizen Technology Partners can help you unlock new efficiency levels through advanced automation. This is all achieved through leveraging the right set of cloud technologies that perfectly fits your business needs. Apart from Kaizen’s impressive cloud enablement, the company also offers analytics and data management services that can help you to make the right business decisions to grow your company.

Kaizen is on the front lines when it comes to improving business intelligence systems. Through the integration of artificial intelligence, Kaizen can help you to transform your data management and analytics.

Netswitch Technology Management

Netswitch was founded in 2000 and began as a managed services company with a specialization in network architecture. However, it has since grown its line of services and now includes cybersecurity, specializing in detection and response services, baseline assessments, strategic advisory and a range of other IT managed services.

They also provide around the clock remote infrastructure management for all their clients. This includes a business impact analysis, resilience testing and backup restoration tests to confirm the reliability of system backups.


Intivix offers computer support within various environments, whether you are an internal IT team that needs extra support or a company that wants to hand off their IT tasks to reliable professionals. Their services will counter against unforeseen downtime, cyber-attacks, and non-compliance fines.

Apart from its strategic IT services, Intivix also offers a range of cloud services. Cloud consultations, data migration services, security assessments, and server support are all on offer at an affordable monthly price.


BoxIT offers immediate, reliable, and budget-friendly managed IT services to its clients in the San Francisco Bay area in the form of automation, various management solutions, and a data-driven approach. Through constant management and monitoring, BoxIT proactively escalates issues before they become major problems.

The company offers loads of services, which include network design, endpoint security, virtualization, and storage and server design. If you need cloud-based services, BoxIT also offers private cloud/VPC, Azure, and protection from dark web security threats and phishing. Although they can drive by your office to help you out, BoxIT also offers remote assistance.

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Xterra Solutions

Xterra Solutions have decades of experience in offering top-notch IT services, thereby empowering organizations with enterprise-class IT solutions. Among other things, Xterra Solutions specialize in managed IT services, business cloud solutions, and scalable IT services.

As part of its managed IT services business package, Xterra Solutions offers infrastructure management, service desk assistance, vendor management, security services, and firewall protection. As one of their clients, you will receive 24/7 dedicated enterprise-level support, which will ultimately lower your monthly maintenance costs. Xterra also helps to streamline your infrastructure management operations.

Coffer Group

Coffer Group provides cybersecurity and information technology solutions for both small and medium businesses. They specialize in the financial services sector and technology-focused startups, but they serve a myriad of other businesses as well.

Coffer Group focuses on providing efficient and up to date network services to increase your company’s uptime and to enhance your overall security and efficiency. They stay within your IT budget and ensure that your IT strategy is aligned with your company’s needs.

In Conclusion

For the best managed IT services in San Francisco, feel free to contact any of the companies above for comprehensive and up to date IT assistance. Whether you need security, network, or IT infrastructure support, these San Francisco technology experts will provide solutions for all your company’s needs.

Kait Hobson
Kait Hobson

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