Secure your space with modern access control

Move to a reliable, cloud-based access solution made in the USA. Kisi is a unified, easy-to-deploy platform that works for every building, door, and user.

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All-in-one solution

Unify hardware and software

Kisi's sturdy hardware and user-friendly software work in perfect harmony to enhance the security of your spaces. Remotely manage your locations, streamline operations, and stay compliant while enjoying mobile unlocks.

Scalable access control

Manage your spaces from a single pane of glass, anywhere, anytime. Easily set specific access levels across your entire facility. Integrate door access with your SSO provider for real-time provisioning and insights on people entering and exiting your spaces.

Powerful integrations

Streamline operations and minimize security threats by integrating Kisi with your existing tech stack. Integrate security cameras, data analytics tools, visitor systems, and even industry-specific software like coworking or fitness apps to enjoy more control with less manual overhead.

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Secure spaces and prevent tailgating with Kisi’s video intercom and video management system. Identify trends and vulnerabilities in your security. Measure the impact of security policy changes by comparing historical data within the dashboard.

Enterprise-grade access control

Upgrade your access control to a scalable, frictionless solution that you can customize to your unique security challenges.

Secure your industry with Kisi

Commercial real estate and flex spaces

Efficiently manage property portfolios and turn them into 24/7 on-demand bookable spaces. Our cloud-based access control solution works with your existing hardware and enables you to easily manage access and monitor security. The seamless access experience to multi-tenant spaces allows you to maximize revenue per square foot.

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Fitness and wellness

Increase the safety and efficiency of your fitness or wellness center through our 24/7 cloud-based access control solution. Enhance security, reduce operational costs, and discover new revenue streams through extended access hours and occupancy tracking and insights.

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Local governments

Emergency services departments, local recreation centers, judicial centers, city halls, and other government buildings streamline access management for different user needs. Through our user-friendly access control solution, you can enhance safety, boost community engagement, and operate more efficiently.

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Meet the unique security challenges of the healthcare space. Through our cloud-based access control, you can enhance safety, reduce risk, and ensure HIPAA and SOC II compliance with ease.

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Reduce risks to your property, students, or staff and immediately lockdown spaces with the click of a button in Kisi’s mobile app. Through our cloud-based access control, you can remotely manage all entry points through a single dashboard.

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Manufacturing and industrial

Companies with production facilities, distribution centers, and warehouses enhance their security and safety with Kisi. With our cloud-based access control solution, you can manage access, enforce strict safety procedures, and ensure efficient people flow.

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Explore our deployment options

Seamlessly upgrade your current access control setup or implement the Kisi system from scratch. Choose the option that’s right for you.

Thousands of companies worldwide choose Kisi to manage their access control needs. Experience the difference.

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    Accessible support

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    Impeccable user experience

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    Userful integrations

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    Future-proof technology

Kisi is our choice as the best access control system overall.

We are deploying Kisi in most of our facilities and really love the platform. It gives us easy, centralized control to an enterprise-grade access control system.

Rick Mueller, Pediatric Home Service

We’re a hyper-regulated company and have to keep track of who comes in and out. Access logs are what help us out and they’re very important for us.

Aaron Oboh, Zipari

Kisi allows us to have a fluid day, regardless of what office location we're working in, without slowing us down.

Dillon Okner , Enjoy

It's SUPER easy for our team to use and I never get questions like 'I forgot the code', or 'I lost my keycard'.

Jenna Capizzi, mindbodygreen

The first time anyone tries the app, they freak out — they think it’s so cool! Kisi is a game changer for us.

Paul Heneghan, Algolia

Most people have a smartphone on them at all times; so to be able to take one less key or badge off the keychain, is fantastic.

Ryan Grant, Volta Labs

Adding users is an extremely quick process. Using Kisi allows us to decrease operational costs and increase revenue...

Eric Turner, Atomic Athlete

Save time with powerful integrations

Easily manage access and keep your software stack simplified and cohesive with Kisi. Utilize our integrations library spanning from popular directories and CRMs to specialized industry applications. All functions are also available via API or as mobile SDK for iOS and Android to allow you build white-label workplace and tenant apps.

Certified security.

Award-winning design.

Seamless experience.

Kisi demo

Experience Kisi in action

Explore the products, access methods, and cloud-based functionality Kisi offers. Contact our security experts for a customized demo.