Cloud Access Control System

Kisi's cloud based access control system streamlines daily operations. Simple and easy to use keyless entry for businesses.

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Kisi makes it easier to access your office securely

Arming your team members with modern access control does more than eliminate keys - it builds a vibrant office culture. Our simple web dashboard and easy-to-use app save administrators and employees time, create fewer interruptions, and add up to a positive work experience day after day.

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As Your Business Grows, Kisi Grows With You

Scale Securely & Smartly

Kisi supports where your business is now, and where it’s going. We help you maintain control as you expand operations. Adding a new employee is as easy as typing in an email address. You can individualize employee profiles, customize admin accounts, and continue to build a culture of trust.

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"Today is day 1 with Kisi and it's already a hit at the office!"

Daniel Macias, Director of IT at Bugcrowd

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Keep Access Control In-House

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Kisi can automatically on- and off-board your users with tools you’re already using, whether it’s directory integrations or device fleet management.

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Modern access control is built on the newest technologies. We’re constantly updating our software, but we do it smoothly so you don’t experience any disruptions.

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in mind.

We release new features each month and our API is well documented. Create your own solutions on top of Kisi, as businesses have done before.

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Site Inspection & Fast Set-Up

We’ll send an authorized Kisi installer to check out your office space and set Kisi up at your location. Kisi is compatible with any electrically powered locks. Aren’t sure if you have electrical locks? Don’t worry—we’ll let you know.

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Web Dashboard Intro Session

With your locks connected, you’re up and running! A Kisi team member will walk your adminteam through the Kisi dashboard in an onboarding session, either remotely or in-person (your choice). We’ll cover key tasks like how to grant access for cards and mobile devices, createpermanent access and visitor access, and apply other restrictions or allowances.

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Smarter Daily Work

Your office members are ready to use the Kisi app or cards to access the places they need, and administrators can easily review activity, configure alerts, set notifications, and automate facility tasks. It’s like gaining an assistant.

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Continued Support

Though our platform lives in the cloud, we don’t. We’re real people with real answers and solutions when you need them.

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