On-platform Intrusion Detection

Get instantly notified of break-ins wherever you are with Kisi’s cloud infrastructure.

Enterprise-strength access & security in one platform

Kisi combines reliable and secure access with intrusion detection at no extra cost. Every Kisi account can enable intrusion detection. All you need is a Reader, a contact sensor, and some simple configuration.

kisi intrusion detection
kisi intrusion detection notification
  • Enabling intrusion detection door requires one reader and a contact sensor. Doors can be grouped into Zones.

  • Custom groups with specific access policies that can be set to trigger on certain actions (i.e. forced open).

  • Specific rules that define when access is allowed vs. not allowed. Can be a combination of zones, schedules, and doors.

  • Notifications are pushed via email, mobile, Kisi dashboard or into your SIEM tool. You can set subscribers who will receive notifications.

Customize for your security protocols

Customize intrusion detection to your security protocols, ensuring your notifications are informative, accurate, and sent to the right people.

Simplify your physical security

The only additional hardware Intrusion Detection required is a contact sensor. You don’t even need additional alarm panels to connect an existing alarm system. Kisi can connect via a standard relay.

Contact Sensor

Kisi Controller

Unified in the cloud

Comprehensive cloud-based physical security is more attainable than ever. Combine Kisi with your intrusion alarm and Cisco Meraki or Rhombus Systems cameras for a complete physical security platform.


Video surveillance

Switching your access control to Kisi is simple

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