Kisi Intrusion Detection

Combine access control and intrusion detection to form an enterprise-level security system.

Kisi Intrusion Alarms Dashboard

Works with Kisi via API

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Create facility rules and get valuable data

Kisi’s intrusion alarm dashboard displays data on all alarms in your facility - via email, desktop notification or directly in your SIEM tool.


Never miss an incident with real-time security insights

Access Control

Monitor doors

Simply connect a door contact sensor to a Kisi controller and start managing everything in the cloud through the Kisi dashboard.

Access Control

Collect data

Start collecting data on door openings and combine this with other security data through Kisi to create intrusion alerts during forced open events.

Intrusion Detection


  • Opened
  • Unlocked
  • Closed
  • Custom events


Alarm Modes

No additional hardware required

  • Every Kisi controller can connect to a siren via standard relay, so no separate alarm panel is required.

  • Admins can easily deactivate or override the alarm from the Kisi dashboard or mobile app.

  • Kisi minimizes false positive alerts by ensuring that intrusion policies take precedence over access policies.

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Intrusion Alarm


Video Surveillance


Access Control

A unified security platform

Kisi unifies access control, alarms, video surveillance and automation workflows. It's an ever-evolving platform that grows with your organization.

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