Remote Lockdown

Immediately lock or unlock designated doors from a remote device.

Lockdown for Access Control

Secure your entire location from anywhere...In seconds.

Kisi’s Remote Lockdown feature allows admins to lockdown doors and entire spaces remotely.

No matter how pressing the security or access control needs of your space, you can quickly and securely restrict access without requiring someone on-site to do it manually.

How does it work?

Kisi account administrators can turn on Lockdown mode, preventing unlock activities by overriding all access permissions. This means that all user and group permissions, as well as any scheduled unlocks, are all put on hold as long as the lockdown is active.

Lockdown can be activated by the door or for the entire facility with a single click and is quickly managed in Kisi's web, iOS, and Android applications.

Use case: Secure from a nearby public threat

If there is any public access to a building, it's important to have security procedures in place to secure the entrance and exits in the event of a public threat.

Initiating lockdown using the Kisi iOS app
You can use the Kisi Android or iOS app to initiate Lockdown.

It's as simple as a few clicks or taps to safely lock down your Kisi-equipped space. All an admin needs to do is open the Kisi app on their phone or web browser and throw the correct entrances into lockdown mode. This means you can lock down and secure your space in as few as 10 seconds.

Benefits of Lockdown

  • Quickly secure locations in the event of an emergency
  • Initiate lockdown from browser or iOS/Android app
  • Completely remote, eliminated need for on-premise presence
  • Automatic permissions override
  • Turn Lockdown off as quickly as it's turned on

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