Lockdown Features for Access Control

Immediately lock, or unlock, designated doors from a remote device.

Lockdown for Access Control

Secure Your Entire Location in Seconds

Kisi’s lockdown feature allows admins to lock or unlock doors remotely, by either applying the restriction to specific doors, or to the entire place at once.

This is particularly useful during emergencies or situations to secure, or temporarily close, your facility.

How Does the Feature Work

The feature prevents all unlock activities by overriding access authorizations until the administrator disables it. So scheduled unlocks and access groups permissions will all be on hold, until the lockdown feature is disabled. If you are an administrator of your Kisi account, you can simply navigate to the settings of any door within your dashboard and toggle the lockdown button, or lockdown the entire facility in one single click.

Kisi Lockdown Feature

Access Control Lockdown and its Use Cases

Any public building must have some form of access control and adequate policies toward both lockdown and lockout.

The lockdown is a situation that normally occurs in the event of a threat occurring inside a building. It is crucial, in these situations, to have a lockdown plan in place. The lockdown strategy and measures should envisage immediate actions to secure the building and all the people who are inside the building. During a lockdown, normally, people are confined into a determined area of a building. This limitation comes with some other rules, such as silence and lights out.

A lockdown strategy for a school, for instance, may stipulate measures such as locking all the doors to classrooms, turning off the lights and placing students out of sight of any windows and specify who is authorized to implement a lockdown in the school. Students themselves should observe silence during a lockdown event.

Lockout Feature and its Use Cases

Lockout measures and procedures aim to maintain operations within a building as close to normal as possible. The main goal of a viable lockout strategy is to secure the outside perimeter of a building while access control at the entry points is at high alert.

In the event of a threat occurring outside of a building, the lockout response policies require the return of all people to the building and eventual locking of doors and or/gates that enable access to the building. You usually need security guards who will secure the outside area in case of outdoor threats in a lockout scenario.

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This is how admins can trigger a lockdown in the Kisi app

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