Remote emergency response: Lockdown doors with a tap

Prepare for emergencies with Kisi’s lockdown solution. Initiate a place-wide lockdown or lockdown a single door with a tap wherever you are.

Join the thousands of companies using Kisi’s emergency lockdown solution

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Prevent, get notified, and respond to emergencies

Intrusion detection

Detect and get notified of intruders attempting to breach your secured spaces by simply adding a contact sensor to your Kisi system. Integrate your existing alarms and sirens to prevent potential emergencies.

Instant breach alerts

Get notified when unauthorized access may be taking place. Decide who gets to receive a push notification on their phone or see alerts in Kisi’s web dashboard whenever a door or a window is held, propped, or forced open.

Emergency lockdown

Respond within seconds to a security emergency wherever you are. Remotely lock down doors or initiate lockdown on all secured doors with a single tap on the Kisi mobile app or via the web dashboard.


< 3 sec

To enable door lockdown

Kisi admins need only to open the Kisi app, locate the door they want to put under lockdown and tap the ‘Lockdown’ toggle.



Possible alerts

From activating an access card to enabling door lockdown, configure over 50 alerts to receive on your mobile, PSIM, or communication system via webhooks.



Out of the box alert reporting

Prevent emergencies by pro-actively reporting on alert frequencies including held open, forced open, and unlock failures. Schedule daily, weekly, or monthly reports.

Enhance security with emergency lockdown

Enhance security to prevent and prepare for emergencies with Kisi’s access control system. Detect intruders, get instant notifications for potential security breaches, and initiate door lockdown wherever you are.