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Kisi Reader Pro was built from the ground up with convenience, compliance and compatibility in mind. The Bluetooth and NFC wall reader works effortlessly with both access cards and mobile devices to securely unlock your doors.
Bluetooth NFC smartphone door reader

Upgrade your door.

Works the way you need it to. Unlock using mobile devices, Kisi's secure cards or bring your existing cards.

bluetooth door access

BLE - Bluetooth Low Energy.

nfc door access

NFC - Near Field Communication.

access control reader

128 bit AES encryption for mobile and cards.

HID access control reader

Wi-Fi (2G+5G) or Ethernet with automatic failover.

access card reader types

Active Error Reporting.

swipe card reader

Bluetooth Proximity Restrictions.

connected door reader

Sub-second Over-The-Air updates.

secure door reader

TLS and PKI security.

secure reader housing

Made in Germany Enclosure.

Wire? Less.

Internet connectivity and power can both be supplied through the reader’s ethernet jack. If you only need Wi-Fi, there’s a separate 12V power option.

proximity reader for badges
Compatible with:
Kisi NFC Pass
Legacy Cards
Web Browser

Tap To Unlock:
Fast Pass for your office

smartphone reader
Nearfield door reader

Just tap or hold your Android or iOS device, Kisi Passes or legacy cards against the reader to unlock.

BLE door reader

Under the hood, carefully optimized Bluetooth and NFC algorithms go the extra mile - so you don’t have to.

Flexible Access Credential Options.

Different workflows and use-cases require different ways to unlock the door. the Kisi Reader Pro allows for mobile in-App, mobile tap, card and API unlocks.

access credential types
Credentidal Types
Mobile App
Link Access
Kisi Pass
Kisi Tag

And so much more

Read specifications here

Access reader technology
  • Compatible with all NFC cards.
  • Install once and do the complex wiring in the cloud instead.
  • Dynamic self-calibration to speed up unlocks.
  • Automatic fail-over from/to WiFi to/from Ethernet.
  • Encrypted and signed firmware updates over the air.
  • Provides feedback even when door is opened remotely.

Download the Product Overview

In-depth overview of Kisi's hardware, architecture and use-cases. A quick start guide to the Kisi system that helps understand its value in a quick pdf guide format.

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