Kisi Reader Pro

The future of smart access control

A brand new design suited to every space

No matter the size of your doorframes or the interior design of your space, the slim, unibody black design of the Reader Pro is a perfect fit for any facility.

reader side
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Keep your credentials or get new ones

  • Smartphone & App

    Access doors using a smartphone or the iOS/Android Kisi app.

  • Web link

    Quickly grant temporary access using a web link sent via email or SMS.

  • Apple Watch

    Unlock Kisi-enabled doors from your Apple Watch.

  • Legacy

    Keycards, fobs, stickers and more. Kisi accepts popular standards, including NFC and RFID.

  • Physical Credentials

    Seamlessly access by tapping NFC or RFID cards and key fobs.

kisi credentials
  • Simple onboarding

    kisi app onboarding

    Enroll existing credentials or add users by email to your Kisi dashboard. They will be guided through a self-service onboarding in Kisi’s mobile app.

  • Modern access

    tap to unlock

    The Kisi Reader Pro was designed to offer a seamless, simple experience to users and a secure platform for your business.

  • Access analytics

    intrusion alarm schedule

    Kisi records, logs, and organizes all access data to power next-generation features like Capacity Management and Intrusion Detection.

Lightning fast

The Kisi Reader Pro is the fastest cloud reader on the market with 0.3 second unlock speeds.

Reader front

Introducing Kisi x Apple

Enable seamless mobile access with Apple Wallet

As a certified Apple partner, Kisi combines the ease-of-use and security of Apple Wallet with Kisi’s enhanced access control.

»Love the new design, it’s looking great on our reception«
Contingent Works
»Kisi allows us to have a fluid day, regardless of what office location we're working in, without slowing us down.«
»The first time anyone tries the app, they freak out — they think it’s so cool! Kisi is a game changer for us.«

Integrated security rules and alerts

Your spaces can be more secure than ever with the baseline security features included with every Reader Pro.

Powerful Security

  • Audio / visual alarm

    Audio and visual feedback when access is denied.

  • Intrusion detection

    Customizable push notifications when a door is forced open.

  • Tamper detection

    Immediately be notified when a Reader is tampered with.

  • In/out tracking

    Always get precise occupancy insights with automated rules.

kisi places
kisi reader alarm kisi reader alarm signal

Organized access event logs

Keep track of every use of your Reader Pro with the Kisi software. This data is automatically recorded and can be easily filtered and compiled for reports and audits.

Compliant logs

Occupancy right now


Unique users today


User heatmap


kisi reader

The Kisi Reader Pro is setting new industry standards with its unique security features.

Embedded software security

Full PKI chain validation and protected storage

OTA updates

Over-the-air updates that are RSA signed and AES encrypted

Secure boot

The device can only run on previously verífied software

Small in size, Large in features

Designed for admin-friendly deployment and a wide array of organizations, the Kisi Reader Pro supports a wide range of credentials. Its speedy unlocks will surprise users, and its modest footprint makes even interior designers swoon.

Communication protocols

    • Ethernet

    • LAN

    • RFID

    • NFC

    • Bluetooth

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reader inside
reader case
reader blink
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Product specifications



4.84″ (12.3 cm)


1.97″ (5.0 cm)


0.61″ (1.5 cm)



iOS and Android

High frequency cards, fobs and tags

NFC, MiFare Desfire EV1

Low frequency cards, fobs and tags

HID 26-bit (H10301), HID 37-bit (H10302), HID 37-bit (H10304), HID Corporate 1000 35-bit



Over-the-air (OTA) in less than 30 seconds


Offline mode available


PoE or 12V DC wires

Weather proof

Works for outdoor use

Reader Tools

  • list bullet

    Converts internet and power to PoE

  • list bullet

    Slim design

  • list bullet

    Converts PoE into a Two-Wire / Wiegand cable

  • list bullet

    Connects up to 8 readers

Switching your access control to Kisi is simple

Get in contact with our team to receive a customized quote for your business.