The New Reader Pro

The future of identity-based access control.

Kisi Reader pro 2
Kisi Reader pro 2

Minimalist design. Outstanding tech.

Superior hardware that adds a modern touch to your space.

  • Sleek design — A slim, black unibody housing with a gentle touch of light fits into any aesthetic.

  • Clear feedback — Frictionless user experience with LED and audio feedback.

  • Built to last — Waterproof, dustproof and equipped with tamper sensors to detect vandalism.

  • Flexible fit — Made to fit even the slimmest door frames in any environment.

  • Quality made in USA — Proudly manufactured in the U.S.

Unrivaled user experience.

Kisi is the highest-rated access control solution on the market, and we work hard to keep it that way with user-first features.

  • Hygienic — 100% touchless access with MotionSense, our touchless sensor technology.

  • Lightning fast — Unlock faster, in as little as 0.3 seconds.

  • Accurate — Know exactly when you unlock a door.

  • Flexible — Unlock how you want with smartphones, Kisi passes, legacy keycards, tags, or fobs.

  • Robust performance — Works even if the internet is down.

Kisi reader pro 2
Kisi Reader pro 2

Easier set up than ever.

Migrating to Kisi has never been so convenient.

  • Keep your current key cards or use your building cards.

  • Enroll existing key cards in seconds.

  • Use existing credentials to grant mobile access.

  • Reduce installation costs with Wiegand compatibility.

How does it work?

Finding the fastest route - The new Reader Pro uses an operating system to decide which communication channel to use based on what's available and fastest for the user.

Kisi reader components

Kisi Reader Pro can read six different communication channels:

Internet connectivity



wifi icon


Wiegand wire

Wiegand cable


nfc icon


bluetooth icon


Offline (Tap-to-Unlock)

SIM card icon

Phone cellular

A truly touchless experience

Access doors with your phone, smart watch or simply wave your hand in front of the reader to unlock the door.

Secure by design

The new Reader Pro is setting new industry standards through its unique security features.

Kisi reader channels kisi led
  • Embedded software security — Full PKI chain validation and protected storage.

  • OTA updates — Over-the-air updates which are RSA signed and AES encrypted.

  • Secure boot — The device can only run previously verified firmware.

Learn about security

Product specifications


Height: 4.84" (12.3 cm)

Width: 1.97" (5.0 cm)"

Depth: 0.61" (1.55 cm)



Kisi reader pro 2

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