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Experience the favorite access control app of both admins and users. Operate your facilities on the fly and enable users to unlock doors with a single tap.

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All your spaces in one convenient app

Your phone has a new superpower. Download the Kisi app to manage access to all your Kisi-controlled locations on the fly. Ensure your employees always have the office key on hand. Deliver an unlock experience your team will enjoy.

Vital insights at a glance

Be proactive with your security and get notified of any potential threats with Kisi's push notifications. Connected to cloud infrastructure, the Kisi mobile access control app provides you with all the relevant insights about your spaces throughout the day.

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Your phone is the key

Unlock any doors you have access to using the Kisi app. No more fumbling through pockets for a fob or forgetting a keycard at home. You already have your phone in your hand - open the Kisi app and tap the door you want to unlock.

Designed for efficiency

Grant and revoke access, detect potential intruders or even initiate lockdown wherever you are from the convenience of your mobile phone. The simple interface enables you to use all advanced app functionalities with a few taps.

Access control app of the future

Instant notifications


Our facility’s security doesn’t have working hours. Get timely alerts of the access events and people involved. Optimize your spaces with capacity alerts and prevent potential threats by receiving real-time notifications when a door is held or forced open.

Simple onboarding


Make people feel at home on their first day of work. Grant new hires access to the needed spaces in a few taps. Wow them from day one by providing an unforgettable access experience.

Seamless access


Never forget your office key card again. Enjoy Kisi’s seamless mobile access and know where your office key is at all times. You don’t even need to get your phone out. Keep it in your pocket and simply wave your hand at the reader to enter.

Experience mobile access control today

Modernize your security. Experience seamless access in your workplace. Speak with a physical security expert today.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Download the Kisi App

Unlock doors with a tap.
Remotely manage access on the fly.

» Kisi is awesome. So easy to use. «

Android user

» Innovative product, seamless door entry experience, world class customer support «

Apple user

» I love how I can open the doors remotely for others!! Very easy to use. «

Apple user

» Remarkably quick and reliable access «

Apple user

» I love the convenience and easy use of this app! «

Apple user

» Super fast! Almost zero loading time and easy set up. «

Android user

» This app is so convenient!!!! «

Apple user

» As stated, this app is the champ of unlocking doors from your phone. Swipe right and you’re in. «

Apple user

» Super convenient and always works when I am close to the door. «

Apple user

» By far the best access control system! «

Android user

» Once set up, Kisi is great!! Really easy to use. «

Android user

» Awesome product for your office. «

Android user

» So convenient safe and secure. «

Android user

» Forget your keys at home, Kisi makes everything easy «

Apple user

» It's worked seamlessly every time. «

Android user

» Great app!!! «

Apple user

» Works great and makes me feel like a baller when I use it «

Apple user

» Great experience. super fast and convenient. «

Android user

» Very easy to manage. The app is very easy to use, especially for new employees we onboard. «

Android user

» Really enjoy it. «

Apple user

» So convenient to use «

Android user

» Very easy to setup. Would love to use the Apple Watch to unlock the door «

Apple user

» My coworking place uses this and I love it. Super efficient. «

Apple user

» Works great «

Android user

» It’s futuristic, cool and easy to use «

Apple user

» Love how when I go out for a run all I need to bring is my phone. Great app works every time «

Apple user

Save time.

Enhance security.

Modernize your access control with remote management and useful integrations.

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  • Start unlocking with Kisi in a matter of days

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