Access control for financial institutions

Prioritize security and compliance with Kisi access control.

Reliable access control for a highly regulated industry

We help financial services and SEC regulated organizations meet the strictest security standards while ensuring efficient access management. Through our cloud-based access control, you can protect your important assets and future-proof your security system.

Trusted by financial institutions like yours

Unlock the possibilities

Maximize security

Make sure compliance, security, legal and IT teams are on the same page with a customizable access control system that integrates with alarm systems, security cameras, and more.

Ensure compliance

Meet the strictest security standards in your spaces. Provide historical event logs for compliance teams to conduct audits and reactive investigations.

Remote management

Manage your spaces from anywhere via our cloud-based dashboard which can be easily accessed via our app or online. Control data trails with explicit retention policies.

Made for the finance industry.

Prioritize security and compliance with Kisi access control. Our cloud-based platform allows you to manage access rights, monitor breaches and people flow, conduct audits, and streamline operations from anywhere. Kisi also automates workflows with Azure SSO and SCIM for user provisioning and identity verification. Automatically revoke access rights based on a user’s Azure membership. Enable self-service onboarding by allowing users to log in with their mobile device on their own terms, calling remote IT as needed. Download our PDF for a neat overview of what you will get by prioritizing the security and compliance of your financial institution with Kisi.

Access control customized to your field

Hedge funds, PE, and VC

Mortgage and loans


Accounting services

Consumer finance and insurance

Financial apps providers

All-in-one solution

Kisi's sturdy hardware and user-friendly software work in perfect harmony to enhance the security of your spaces. Remotely manage your spaces, streamline operations, and stay compliant while enjoying mobile unlocks.

Kisi software dashboard
Kisi reader
Kisi app
Kisi software analytics

Want to keep your existing access system? We can integrate

Kisi enhances existing access systems without having to replace existing locks, card readers, wiring, and credentials.

Explore our ever-growing integration library that works with your industry

Get a better ROI by migrating to Kisi

Kisi allows for a cost-efficient upgrade to cloud-based security with zero downtime. Download our ROI document to learn more.

Superior access control

Read more about enhancing the security of your financial institution.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of what you get from Kisi access control.

Maximize your security

Robust access control

  • list bullet

    Gain full control over who accesses your spaces. Set custom access rights for individuals or groups.

  • list bullet

    Enable in-and-out tracking and intrusion detection to monitor your spaces.

  • list bullet

    Incorporate 2FA (two-factor authentication) to better protect against thefts and breaches. Integrate Kisi with your contact sensors, alarms, and cameras.

  • list bullet

    Apply security standards to your entire finance organization. Manage multiple buildings, floors, and elevators.

Streamline operations

User-friendly software

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    Efficiently manage multiple spaces from one dashboard.

  • list bullet

    Remotely lock and unlock specific doors or entire locations. Schedule automatic locks and unlocks to reduce manual tasks.

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    Save time by sending temporary access links that act as visitor passes. Send a digital key to a visitor’s smartphone in a few clicks.

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    Unlock doors from the Kisi mobile app with a single tap by holding your device to the reader or waving your hand.

Sync and scale with your stack

Connect with integrations

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    Minimize security threats and keep user information up to date across all platforms by connecting Kisi with SCIM.

  • list bullet

    Streamline processes and improve security by integrating Kisi with enterprise software solutions like Microsoft Azure or Google Suite.

  • list bullet

    Use Kisi with your SSO provider of choice, like Okta, OneLogin, or JumpCloud, to enable simplified user management and compliance audits.

  • list bullet

    Integrate security cameras, data analytics tools, visitor systems, and finance-specific software to enjoy more control with less manual overhead.

Future-proof your security

Built for reliability and durability

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    Kisi’s offline functionality ensures access even when your network is down.

  • list bullet

    Increase scalability and avoid vulnerabilities with Kisi’s over-the-air (OTA) updates.

  • list bullet

    Global, remote, and seamless access management at your fingertips. Upgrade your access control system at your own pace with migration options.

  • list bullet

    Kisi’s innovative product team is continuously launching new features to future-proof your system.

Make data-driven decisions

Discover insights and support

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    See access events and get intrusion alerts in real-time.

  • list bullet

    Perform swift security audits and investigate incidents like forced entries and unauthorized access.

  • list bullet

    Stay compliant and optimize your space utilization with real-time occupancy insights.

  • list bullet

    Get up and running quickly. Kisi offers extensive product documentation, free onboarding, and support to all our clients.

Kisi product updates

Dive into Kisi’s 2024 roadmap

Join our exclusive webinar and take a deep-dive into our 2024 roadmap!

Join us on December 5 for a sneak peek at Kisi's 2024 roadmap. Also, explore new features designed to make your operations even smoother.

Join our exclusive webinar and take a deep-dive into our 2024 roadmap!

Frequently asked questions

  • The Kisi system combines hardware and software to deliver an unparalleled access control experience. The system includes:

    ◾ Hardware (Kisi Reader Pro, Kisi Controller Pro Series)

    ◾ Software (Kisi Cloud Management)

    ◾ Unlock methods (Kisi App, Kisi Access Cards, Kisi Fobs, Kisi Stickers)

  • No, Kisi enables you to migrate your access control at your own pace. You can install the complete all-in-one solution or keep your old readers, wiring, and credentials and gradually migrate your old system to Kisi. You can start by replacing your controllers with the Kisi Controller Pro 2 to enjoy Kisi’s cloud-based system and benefits. With this option, you can still manage all your locations from a single pane of glass, enhance your security and minimize maintenance costs.

  • Kisi access control supports you in achieving compliance with a growing range of standards and regulations. Our software ensures you can track where people are, or have been, and how your system’s being used at all times. Its reporting functionality enables easy and accurate analysis and reporting for Compliance Teams. The regular OTA updates protect your access system against cyber threats.

  • Besides the mobile app, tap to unlock, and MotionSense, Kisi offers different ways to unlock doors with physical credentials.

    ◾ Kisi cards (Kisi Passes), tags, and fobs

    ◾ Third-party NFC credentials

    ◾ Third-party RFID credentials

    To ensure your security, cards that are not NFC standards compliant and not supported by Kisi Readers.

    Kisi supports many legacy key cards, so you can keep your old credentials when migrating to Kisi. Contact our team for specific info.

  • We have three available plans: Standard, CRM, and Enterprise. For a breakdown of the types of integrations included in each, please check out our pricing plan overview.

  • Kisi has an in-house support team that is always ready to help you regardless of the plan you choose. To complement our support, you can also utilize our extensive product documentation and access our support and academy resources filled with materials, how-to guides, and suggestions to get the most out of your Kisi products and execute the perfect setup.

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