Commercial Keyless Entry Systems

By Angela Hwang
July 09, 2019

Commercial Keyless Entry Systems

With the advent of several advances in cloud technology, it is no surprise that commercial keyless entry systems are gaining in popularity across multiple industries,. Going keyless offers businesses the opportunity to simplify their everyday activities at the office while keeping the building and facilities properly secured.

With so many advances in cloud technology being adopted by the top industry players, it is now possible for users to easily access their offices and doors they are authorized to enter with their smartphones or any mobile device. The top systems also grant business owners and managers more control over their facilities so they can easily customize the system to give staff members the level of access that is consistent with their responsibilities. 

What Exactly Are Keyless Entry Systems?

While the function of keyless entry systems may seem self-explanatory from the name, sometimes it bears more description in this rapidly expanding technological environment.  The average person has likely used it on several occasions; they are used in cars as well as in residential buildings. For commercial keyless entry systems in particular, the emphasis is on keyless systems that are used for securing commercial buildings and facilities such as schools, warehouses, corporate buildings, and other commercial enterprises.

Commercial keyless entry systems are access control systems that are used in commercial settings. They employ relevant technology to offer versatile access control in a commercial establishment. There are different types of keyless entry systems offered by different companies but the perfect one will do three basic things for your business: It will improve security, grant authorized persons easy access, and give the person in charge more control over the facility. While key fob and key card systems can be considered keyless, they still require a dedicated physical credential, as opposed to smartphones which allow for a true 'keyless' experience since they are devices users would carry with them anyway, not just for the purpose of unlocking doors.

How Do Keyless Entry Systems Work?

Keyless entry systems grant access to restricted areas, just like the traditional key. The major difference is that the user doesn’t need any physical key to access the restricted area. There are also different kinds of keyless entry systems including locks with combined keypads, locks with key fob controls, and smart locks that work with wireless protocols and remote lock management. Smart locks are the most versatile. The best ones offer a combination of access controls to lock and unlock doors and even windows. 

Commercial Key Fob Door System
Example of a commercial key fob door system which also supports other credentials, like smartphone and keycards.

The Major Benefits of Commercial Keyless Entry Systems

Keyless entry systems offer lots of benefits to any business enterprise or organization. Some of the most prominent benefits include:

Improved Security

With keyless entry systems, your commercial building is more secure than ever. The risk of unauthorized entry, illicit key duplication and other such practices that can easily compromise a physical key are completely eliminated.


Using keyless entry systems is a lot more convenient for everyone. Advanced systems allow authorized users to gain access into their office and other doors with their mobile phones.

‍Better Control for the Person in Charge

With keyless entry systems, the business owner or manager has more control over who accesses any part of the building and who doesn’t. Most of the top systems are easily customizable, allowing the person in charge to control access to all places and keep tabs on everything that is happening within the facility. Administrators can also grant and revoke access remotely as well as track all of the data from the electric locks controlling their doors.


Mobile Access Control and Why It's Considered the Best

So far we have talked about commercial keyless entry systems without focusing on any particular type. It is important, however, to state at this point that services that offer mobile access control is considered the best by most industry insiders and experienced users of the systems. Mobile access control offers all the benefits of a good keyless entry system with more advantages. It is far more convenient and lets the right people control door and window locks remotely as well. The most advanced systems can be integrated into an existing alarm system along with other office management applications.

Commercial keyless entry by Kisi

Top Companies to Consider For Commercial Keyless Entry Systems

If you have decided that you want to try a keyless entry system but still are not sure of the company to choose, here are the top brands to consider:

  • Kisi
  • IDenticard systems
  • Brivo
  • Honeywell
  • Stanley Security
  • Protection 1
  • Tyco Integrated Security
  • ADT
  • Vanderbilt Industries 

Why Kisi Is Top of the List

Kisi has distinguished itself as a top player in the access control systems market. The company has released several innovative products that have continued to make waves in the industry against older, more traditional security companies. It offers highly secured and programmable keyless entry systems that are flexible, convenient, and easy to use. Some of the features of Kisi that make it stand out include the following:

  • Send links for event access
  • Schedule doors to unlock during regular hours
  • Schedule automated send out of keys via directories
  • Gives admins control to remotely unlock to grant access.
  • All data stored in cloud servers, allowing control and tracking of the system from any time and anywhere. (No need to house your own expensive security command center.)

Keyless entry systems are undoubtedly the best access control systems to use in a commercial enterprise. Kisi is a top choice among the prominent providers as their commercial keyless entry systems and other products have the perfect set of features to give your commercial enterprise the high safety standards andf security it requires. 

Angela Hwang

Angela is an account executive at Kisi. In her free time she likes coordinating twin outfits with her co-workers.