The Best Access Control System Brands for Businesses

An overview of the top brands in the industry.
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The Best Access Control System

Is your business still using a key fob system? It's about time that you switch to a mobile access control solution, instead. On this page, you’ll find the most popular companies to choose from:

  • IDenticard
  • Isonas
  • Salto
  • Kisi
  • Honeywell
  • Bosch
  • Schlage
  • Paxton
  • HID
  • ADT

Among these, several are also access control system manufacturers.

There are dozens of door access options for your organization, ranging from expensive, local systems that run on your unique server—to customizable cloud-based access control systems that contain hundreds of features and over-the-air (OTA) updates. Large enterprises can choose to pay thousands of dollars up front for a local control panel system, while small businesses can find systems that offer monthly billing to fit their budget.

If you're looking for tailored solutions to cater to the complex needs of an enterprise, check out our review of the best access control brands for enterprises: Genetec, Lenel and AMAG, to name a few.

Four criteria for ranking access control:

  • Security Technology, System Type & Credential Options
  • Access Reporting, Visitor Management & Time Tracking
  • Installation Requirements, Installation Ownership & Maintenance
  • Customer Support, Training Availability & Self-Service Documentation

100 Best Access Control Companies in the USA and Beyond

Brought to you by Kisi, a technology driven physical access solution powered by mobile, cloud and IoT.

For a more general directory, here's a listing of access control manufacturers by IFSEC Global, and one from ASIS security. You can download a copy of this table here.

Source: Markets and Markets Access Control as a Service

IP Systems—Cloud-Based Access Control

Managing your contacts wasn't always difficult. You had a handful of suppliers and customers when you started your business, and a team small enough to memorize your colleague's email addresses.

Kisi Access Control System

Best Access Control System

Kisi's cloud-based physical access control system operates purely in the cloud, making it an IP access system for businesses. It also integrates with CRMs, coworking management platforms, and IP video systems such as Ring.

The Kisi Advantage

The entire system can be purchased on the Kisi website. This allows you to purchase hardware, software, and includes installation coordination services to hire a professional locksmith company in your area.

Support is provided over the phone and on LiveChat. Supporting documents and training materials are thorough and Kisi has an in-house support team, which is not common for other access control brands.

Ubiquiti UniFi Access Control Review

UniFi Access is an access control solution from Ubiquiti aimed at reimagining door access control. Let's dive into review and pricing.


ADT is an international company that provides electronic safety and access control security solutions primarily to residential units. ADT focuses on keeping homes safe from a variety of elements, such as break-ins, fires, and floods. It also provides a one-to-many solution for homeowners who want to create a smart home environment, allowing them to connect a variety of home appliances and IoT devices to the physical access control system.

  • The ADT system does not offer mobile device or biometric credentials 

  • The system is optimized for small scale businesses; implementing it for medium or large-scale businesses might prove to be a challenge

The Kisi Advantage

Kisi offers flexible options, including mobile, card and biometric access control suited for small, medium and large-scale enterprises.


Bosch Security Systems offer services in security and communication products that focus on video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection, fire detection, and voice alarms.

  • Bosch depends on local partners for distribution, sale and after-sale services.

The Kisi Advantage

Kisi offers product installation and support.


It's efficient and makes you avoid all the complicated wiring that has become synonymous with access control.

  • They are not privy to cloud updates without physical, onsite access

  • Salto units have to be installed with Salto locks

  • Salto could prove to be a problem when your business requires replacements and repairs

The Kisi Advantage

Kisi, since it's cloud based, is easily accessible through cloud updates and Kisi’s vendor-friendly system makes it compatible with other types of locks.


Isonas works with minimal hardware, making it lightweight and easy to install. It's a pure IP Access Control System for global businesses and organizations. Isonas’ system is lightweight, with all credentials stored on-site within its readers, making offline access a possibility. They offer two readers, which include a proximity card-only version and a proximity card plus a pin pad. Isonas can retrofit old panel-based systems into an IP system, which works with their branded Pure IP management software. Readers are compatible with Isonas' proprietary cards and key fobs as well as third-party credentials.

  • Isonas does not pair with fire and alarm systems

  • Since it's lightweight, it only performs the most basic functions

The Kisi Advantage

Kisi integrates with fire alarm systems, providing you with a complete security solution, while offering advanced door-control options and features

Suprema Biostar Biometric Fingerprint Technology

The BioStar Suprema reader is a biometric access control reader that uses fingerprint technology to grant secure access. Read our full review!

Bay Alarm Access Control Review

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Doorking Access Control Review

Doorking is a one-stop access control that provides a complete line of access devices, from hardware to their DKS software. Look at our review!

Kisi Reader
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Control Panel Access Systems

Managing your contacts didn’t used to be so difficult. When you started your business, you had a handful of suppliers and customers, and few enough team members that you could memorize their email addresses.

Kisi Access Control System

Kisi clients can choose to use Kisi Passes, designed as a more secure version of the regular traditional proximity card, which could expose your organization to breaches if they fall into the wrong hands. Kisi’s readers are powered by ethernet (PoE) and will soon offer offline caching for emergency scenarios.

The entire Kisi system can be purchased on the Kisi website. They allow you to purchase hardware and software, and provide installation coordination services to help hire a professional locksmith company in your area. Support is provided over the phone and on LiveChat. Support documents and training materials are thorough.


Paxton Access Inc. is a global manufacturer of IP-based access control solutions and door systems, known for its Net2-range and Switch2-range configurations, which include door entry units, control units, readers, accessories, installers, and other components.

  • The software is compatible with Windows operating systems only, limiting the application for users who have other operational systems.

  • Net2 Open Doors iPhone app and Net2 Anywhere have been discontinued so there is currently no mobile access control app.

The Kisi Advantage

  • Kisi's cloud-based access control system means that it is compatible with all operating systems
  • Kisi's core product is mobile access control


Schlage is a lock manufacturer whose history dates back to the 1920s. Today, the range of the company’s products has increased from keys and locks to biometric terminals, proximity card readers and access control software.

  • Smart Sense locks are only compatible with iOS and not Android

  • Schlage products are pricey

The Kisi Advantage

  • Kisi's hardware and software are compatible with both iOS and Android


Honeywell has a long history with security products. Its system allows you to pick and choose security products on the market, according to your businesses needs.

  • Exposure to serious security breaches due to its piecemeal approach

  • Honeywell has poor support channels, leaving your business to rely on a local vendor's experience and knowledge. 

  • The door panels are installed by local partners and require Honeywell’s WIN-PAK access control system to manage credentials and generate reports

  • Honeywell does not offer a mobile app for unlocking doors through mobile credentials

The Kisi Advantage

  • Kisi integrates with fire alarm systems, making for a whole security solution, while offering advanced door control options.
  • Kisi offers around-the-clock support, eliminating the need for product support from local vendors, and also offers a mobile interface to unlock doors using mobile credentials


Identicard utilizes customizable ID badges and credentials for your employees. However, Identicard sources readers from other vendors.

  • IDenticard leaves a lot of gaps in terms of safety and security

The Kisi Advantage

Kisi is cloud-based and regularly updated over the air to keep your system safe from breaches

Tyco Access Control Review

Tyco offers access control that provides information and authority to help run businesses more efficiently and securely.

Feenics Access Control Review

Feenics provides cloud-based physical access control and visitor management

Mobile Access Credentials

Controlling access to your space can be provisioned in a number of ways. Mobile access credentials are an up-and-coming solution to provide a modern and secure way for authorized key holders to access specific doors. The benefits of mobile credentials include added convenience, increased security, and remote control of a physical location.

Most mobile credentials use near field communication (NFC) or Bluetooth low energy (BLE) to authenticate a phone and grant access to the visitor. Access is usually managed in the cloud with one primary administrator granting or revoking mobile credentials.

Kisi Access Control System

Kisi offers a range of options for the access control system, including mobile apps available on Android and iOS platforms, that communicate with the readers using Bluetooth and NFC technology; therefore, the user is afforded the flexibility of using their mobile device as identification.

Swiftlane Access Control Review

Swiftlane provides a seamless access solution for modern spaces. Let's see what the major features and pricing look like.

ProdataKey (PDK) Access Control Review

ProdataKey is a cloud-based access control system. Let's take a look at their hardware and pricing strategy.


HID Global provides mobile phone-based credentials based on Bluetooth and NFC technology.

The Kisi Advantage

Kisi Systems are cloud-based, availing the system of regular updates to keep your system defended against breaches

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Selecting the right access control system for your business can be intimidating. There are dozens of options, ranging from expensive local systems that run on your personal servers, to customizable cloud-based access control systems with hundreds of features and over-the-air (OTA) updates. Local control panel systems can cost thousands of dollars, whereas other brands offer monthly billing to scale with your business and suit your budget. The type and size of your organization should also be considered when making a decision.

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