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Tyco access control pricing

Tyco Security — Access Control System Review

Tyco Access Control (KanTech)

Features multi-door control 

Multi-reader connections 

Onboard ethernet 

Control occupancy level 

Door lock outputs 

Entrapass Security Software ID Badging

Access reporting with anti-pass back

Tyco Access Control Markets Served 

Banking & Finance 

Commercial & Industrial 



Home Security 

Marine Oil & Gas 

Retail & Transportation

Tyco is a leading provider of security products worldwide. They have a wide range of products and solutions for access control, event management, intrusion security, video security, and information management. Because of the full suite of security products and sub-brands, the access control system has native integrations with video, fire, and security systems.

Looking for an alternative?

Kisi's Cloud Based Physical Access Control System operates purely in the cloud, making it easy to set up and highly scalable as you expand.

Admins are able to easily establish granular controls with group, user and time-based restrictions -- just to name a few. End users have a range of unlocking options, including mobile apps available on Android and iOS, key cards and fobs.

This full-stack access system allows you to detect suspicious entries and revoke credentials remotely. In addition, the robust event history will track and backup all activity for auditing and compliance purposes. Tyco software acts as an identity and a visitor management system for all types of businesses. The service & installation of the hardware is provided by a local Tyco partner on behalf of the global corporation. Contacting the company support line is widely known to be difficult and a poor experience.

Tyco has a full line of enterprise-grade controllers, software, modules, and card readers. IP Controllers are designed to connect to third party readers and in-house software known as AC2000. They also have their own line of readers that support credentials such as IP cards, biometric (fingerprint), and other smart cards and key fobs. To get Tyco for your business, you will contact them via the website and wait for them to connect you with a local partner for a site visit.

Note: Tyco recently merged with Johnson Controls. We expect major branding implications in the coming year.