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With Kisi’s CRM integration possibilities and operations friendly handling - the community team of coworking provider The Yard runs a seamless on-and offboarding process in their distributed facilities.

The result: Adding a new member automatically sends out the access permissions onto people’s phones. This makes real estate truly on-demand.

When we started the implementation with Kisi our goal was to absolutely streamline the experience across our locations. With this system it’s so easy to manage compared to keycards and now we don’t have to hand out keycards unless on request.

While we could have gone for Kisi’s out of the box integration with coworking CRM providers, we decided to build our own CRM and mobile App. To do a customized app experience, we needed an access partner who let’s us do a pretty deep integration easily.

When we started implementation we didn’t actually have to speak to the Kisi team at all, we just got their API and hired a contractor to integrate it. With Kisi’s open API that was really straightforward. It’s now completely whitelabel and we’ve had some pretty great success with it.

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Tech Companies

Kisi makes it much easier to manage access - everyone has a cellphone. Employees can get into different doors that not everyone is allowed to get in - it can even be restricted by the hour. Using technology to streamline operations saves not only time but also allows to run a lean IT approach which still gives more control of what is going on.

Key features:

  • Allow fast growing companies to seamless on- and offboard
  • Integrate with existing systems like Smartphones and Google Apps
  • Remote manage locations 24/7 with Kisi’s cloud dashboard

To share access you just go on the web platform to add their email address, then they get an email notification to confirm the key on their phone and that’s it. If a guest is coming over I can just give them access to our Kisi lock and they can get in themselves to meet up.

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At Harry’s offices Kisi powers the doors of their fast growing space. “Normally people loose keys and you don’t know who has access to what. Kisi changes that” says Harry’s IT manager.

Even in their manufacturing plant abroad industrial gates are powered using Kisi’s access control to make it easier for the truck drivers to unlock when they enter the facility on wheels.
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In the media and agency world staying fresh and relevant is key - so need to do your employees. Get them in the door nice and easy so they can get to work with a creative mind.

Kisi access control helps build a better, more inspiring and accessible workplace without neglegting the need for intellectual property protection and security.

Creatives are always on the go - many different places to visit during the same week, many inspirations to digest. The worst that could happen is that the flow is interrupted and work can’t get done, delivered and shipped.

Key features why agencies and media companies consider Kisi:

  • Manage turnover and freelancers or external workers
  • Stretch office hours and allow secure 24/7 access
  • Keep operations overhead lean and allow your ops team to make everyone happy

Get everyone in the door at the time they need to be in the office. If there’s a deadline monday morning at 9am - you need to be that company that allows your staff to flexibly access the office on sunday afternoon without bothering anyone and without compromising your security.

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Health Data Compliance

Financial Services

Being flexible on the security side without loosing control of audit compliance is a careful to consider balance. With Kisi you can unite a seamless access experience with one of the most secure systems in the market.

Main features why financial services companies consider Kisi physical access control:

  • Audit compliance with real time access log accessible from a secure online dashboard
  • Allows for mobile and card credentials - enables the new, upgrades the old
  • Stay in the know of who can access your space at any given time

With Kisi’s access control system you can bring your doors under the control of your IT and sync it up to audit control and compliance systems that are normally used for purely digital security.

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Financial Services is mostly a relationship business. Avoid anyone having to wait in front of the doors or a deal falling through because someone is 5 minutes late.

With Kisi you are always ready to get in - use your phone, card, tablet or link access to get secure access to your office. Send access to guests as well and let them unlock the door when they are here.
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Technology enabled health companies like Pager use Kisi’s physical access control system for easy to use security and compliance.

"With Kisi we are easily saving around $350/month in recovered work time but the peace of mind and security is priceless." 

Head of Security at Pager

"The reason to re-think our access control system was definitely compliance. We wanted to be able to log in and see who is here on the weekend. It gives us peace of mind to know who’s in and out.

On special occasions it allows us to off-board from a centralized location. There are different levels of data in different rooms. As such, some rooms are very restricted and only certain people have access, requiring shift clearance.

Kisi really bolsters our security stance and helps with our bi-annual risk and security assessment with large customers."

“The traditional access company we used before was a standard, local keycard system. The service was pricey and slow, but we are very tech driven.

Our CEO mentioned Kisi and when I looked into it, the operational aspect was intriguing: everything was portable, installation was fully handled, and the product was truly technology-driven.

The fact that Kisi is constantly innovating is the major “over the top factor”. This gives us the ability to add new hardware and auto-upgrade our software - which allows for added product longevity and a future-proof infrastructure when new users are on-boarded or buildings/specifications change.”

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Real Estate

Demands from tenants to the landlords and operators are growing. 24/7 secure access is considered a given - similar to 24/7 service when keys or fobs are lost, need to be re-programmed or more keys need to be made. Kisi can help keeping operations overhead low while maximizing tenant satisfaction.

Key motivations to consider Kisi:

  • The building of the future starts at the door
  • Prepare your building to become the destination in town
  • Choose the system your tenant already loves

The Kisi system works with any existing access control locking hardware like magnetic locks, electric strikes or even elevators and turnstiles. Bringing innovation to the tenant while easing up the life of the operator has been Kisi’s goal since it’s inception.

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Owners and operators are faced with a tough challenge: How to future-proof update their building technologies to stay relevant to their tenants?

Kisi’s technology can layer on top of your existing services without any change in workflow for current operations. It simply adds a more flexible method of entry via smartphones - under full control of the operator.
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Non Profits

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People are joining your cause - they want to help. Kisi allows them to access your facilities securely and easily. If you need to prepare a big event or onboard new volunteers - with Kisi you always make sure everyone can get their work done that day - even if they’ve never been at that facility before.

Non Profits need people to be engaged. Get your volunteers a secure access tool they can never loose, forget or misplace: an app to download on any device.

Key considerations Non Profits think about when choosing Kisi:

  • The risk of loosing volunteers because they couldn’t help efficiently
  • The next big event and how to enable everyone in a controlled manner
  • Grant access from remote at any given time
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Using Kisi to access facilities where members naturally change every semester, school year or quarter enables operations staff to run lean on overhead efforts.

Easily schedule keys to start working in the future and track their use through Kisi’s cloud based access control dashboard.

Key motivations to consider Kisi:

  • "Reset lost keys like email passwords"
  • "Always the right key for the right person"
  • "Save time remotely sending keys to employee's phones"
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There is not enough time in the day to deal with all operations issues. Facilities with high traffic and turnover need flexible access control to stand by their side.

With Kisi’s mobile enabled door access control system, operations- and facility managers can can send keys from remote, on-and offboard entire classes in bulk or make sure their facility is secured.
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